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Ray of Hope - 105th draw

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by senthilkumarank, Nov 15, 2018.

  1. Let's us unitedly pray for a 440 cut off this time!
  2. Hoping for the best, god knows how much we need this.
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  3. Although, I would want it to breach the 440 level and come down to sub-440 level. However, Not to put down your hopes, but I feel 440 is a little difficult.
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  4. Am of the same view, at least for the next draw...

    However, I predict score to be in range of 441-442 if the draw happens on Monday i.e. 26.11.2018, and score could go up to 444-445 if it comes in Wednesday i.e. 28.11.2018 subject to no of choosen candidates remain 3900.

    The above figures are derived from my analysis of distribution of candidates over last five draws and the frequency of draws.

    Am at 441 and hoping to receive ITA before end of current calender year, if the draws are conducted regularly without any unfavorable surprise.
  5. 444-445 if Monday, 449-450 if Wednesday, my prediction.
  6. My score is 453. Profile submitted on 18th Nov. Hope I will get through.
  7. Start preparing your docs buddy.
  8. My crs is 444.. Are there any chances of getting ITA in next draw?
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  9. How much do you think CRS cut off will be for next draw?
  10. Hi everyone! My first post in this forum. Here is my question:

    My CRS score is 446, any chance for receiving an ITA in the next draw?
  11. You have a very high chance.
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  12. If there is a draw on Monday, then you stand a very good chance.
    Barring the last draw, I feel anyone who is above the CRS of 440 is seated at a very comfortable position.
  13. Quite high!
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  14. If not on Monday then chances are less Coz normally draws are on Wednesday’s.
  15. Start gathering documents, apply PCC...

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