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Ray of Hope - 105th draw

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by senthilkumarank, Nov 15, 2018.

  1. Omg ... when people with 445+ scores ask if there’s a probability of getting ITA , I feel like jumping off a bridge :D
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  2. Things escalated quickly since last draw, everyone is speculating about the outcome of each draw!
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  3. That’s all I think.
    You seem to be in turbo mode dude. PCC done before ITA, cool....:cool:
    You’re awesome. I think you will get AOR in the first week of December. Best of luck.:)

    In my case, the last draw slowed me down. I have done nothing yet except booking for PCC. Now I’ll get charged only after ITA. Planning to get AOR till December 10 if I get an ITA in the next draw.
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  4. Stay positive :)
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  5. What's your CRS score mate?
  6. Hi. What is the purpose to be selected while opting for pcc. “Immigration other than citizenship” or “residence permit” ??
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  7. 447.
    Before December 10. Then losing five due to birthday.
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  8. I selected “Immigration other than citizenship”.:)
  9. I have a file processing with SINP but I’m pretty sure it’s going to get rejected due to irrelevant study.
    If I get ITA, and that’s a big IF since I’m sitting at 441... should I withdraw my file from SINP..?

    Something else is that I worked as administrative assistant/ agriculture consultant AND personal secretary all in one company (post) for 8 years.

    If I wanted to change the NOC that I applied with for SINP , what should I do??
    Explanation letter or should I just creat another EE profile or what should I do ?? I think it’s not allowed to creat more that one EE profile though. I could apply with the same NOC I applied with for SINP but administrative assistant will match my job duties more.
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    The following is my IELTS score:
    L:9, R: 8.5, W:7.5, S:7
    Do you think it is worthwhile to have my speaking re-evaluated? I have CLB 10 scores in all modules but speaking. Has anyone been able to increase their speaking scores after re-evaluation? I am at 441 now and 0.5 increase in speaking will ensure I have 444

    If I stand a chance of receiving an invite by the end of this year with my current score of 441, I'd rather not spend $ in the first place. Any views?
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  11. Good day all, I want to know me and my common law partner's chances of getting a permanent residence through Express Entry if we have a son that is a citizen of Canada
  12. It's ok to try for it! But the chances are good enough only if you believe you have done good in exam. Good luck for that.
    What makes you not to wait on first place? Do you have any age limit issues in upcoming days? If not I would say then you need not to be worried about the ITA. it will come to you..
  13. You have chance in every draw.
  14. Is anyone expecting the draw to happen today?
  15. Chances for 444?
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