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Quebec Skilled Worker Federal Stage (After CSQ)

Discussion in 'Quebec Immigration' started by quebec100, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. What do you mean by plan can't be stopped
    Don't let the child lose the chance to come to Canada
    ADHD can be treated in Canada
  2. Why it is not possible to land just for few days and go back again, all of you !? You have more than 3 months, I'm sure you can find a window of 1 week.
  3. Can anyone help me or if anyone encounter this message... ( 1 new message) on my online account but theres no new actual message..thanks in advance for thoese will reply
  4. Sometimes it takes up to 24 hrs to appear on your file. Sometimes it's not a message, it's just an update for your file.
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  5. Please share your timeline as well.

    And kindly add your information to this tracker.


  6. Hello paras

    Did you got your PR
  7. Dear all,
    I have applied for the permanent residency in August 2019, but still didnt receive AoR.
    Is it normal? and can you please help me how to contact the centralized intake office in Sydney?

  8. https://imtrackdb.firebaseapp.com

    Check this document and add your details.

    People are waiting since july for aor. U r not alone in this journey buddy.
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  9. My colleague who send her papers on 27 AUG called yesterday the immigration and they told her that they forgot to send her the letter of AOR and she has to be ready to wait minimum of 2 years for DM. They found her by name, she couldn't enplane me exactly how.
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  10. How do they send the AOR?
    By reguler mail or an email?
  11. Hi there
    Our TimeLine:
    CSQ: 2018/10/10
    Federal application received: 2019/3/12
    Started processing application: 2019/5/30
    Biometry request Email: 2019/5/30
    Biometry did: 2019/6/19
    Pre-Arrival Service letter: 2019/8/23
    Military Service update request Email: 2019/10/9
    Medical Request: 2019/10/10
    Medical Passed: 2019/10/24
    Estimated remaining processing time: 14 Months
    Is this time (14 m) accurate?
  12. All visa always valid for one year. why are yours 4 months?

    4 month
  13. Yes if you count it from your AOR it's 23 months
  14. Some people in this forum said that it depends on the validity of medical exam.
    Personally I'd no idea
  15. Email

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