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Quebec Skilled Worker Federal Stage (After CSQ)

Discussion in 'Quebec Immigration' started by quebec100, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. I got an email to submit schedule A declaration form(imm 5669) . Is that a positive sign? I am in my 22nd month.
  2. Oh my! Why so late! Not to give you worries, it will be an indication that your security check is in progress. But, always feel free to call them or order notes!
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  3. Congrats. Happy for you. All the best for your future.
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  4. Congrats. All the best
  5. Can you pls share your complete timeline? Are done with Medical, Pre arrival and are you aware if your Security check is ongoing/ started? Thanks
  6. Federal applied - December 2017
    AOR. - February 2018
    Medical Request - April 2018
    Medical done - May 2018
    Prearrival - August 2018
    Yesterday got email to submit schedule A declaration form.
    Not sure about security check
  7. Did you try calling CIC if your security is done? Based on what I’d read and heard in here, Schedule A even resume is for Security check. But still, based on your timeline, it seems like this timing is so late so better call them for this.
  8. Congrats Dear.. Wishing you & family a happy time ahead. Good luck!!
  9. Congratulations. This email is really cheerful to read!
  10. Thank you Nannu..yours is on the way
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  11. Amen. Appreciate Paras_123.

    Your PPR is around the corner
  12. Thank You Eratun.

    Keep the hope alive..you are almost at the finish line.
  13. Thanks, my friend. Its all because of encouragement from wonderful people like you in this group that keeps our hopes alive.
  14. yes it is.
    it means that your ss will be starting soon.
    I also got it two weeks ago and my ss started one day I submitted that.
    I am in 22th month too.

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