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Quebec Skilled Worker Federal Stage (After CSQ)

Discussion in 'Quebec Immigration' started by quebec100, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. Hi guys

    I see lots of frustration in those past pages. For new ones, my timeline is in signature below. I’m in my 17th month with no MR yet. Things i’ve Been thinking about:

    Do they complete the background/security checks before asking for medical now?
    It’s written no where and honestly, I can only hope they do.
    Else it would be pointless doing medicals during the first year of application and watch it expire because BG an security checks are still ongoing.
    So I think you guys should understand than early MR only means paying for it again later since your application WILL be completed around your processing date.

    Applications for PR with CSQ are still being received at federal?
    Then the processing time will inevitably keep increasing. It’s only 22 months as at today and I believe that they receive more incoming applications than the number of PPR they issue on daily basis.

    I’ve been waiting everyday for MR and then I realised i’ld Still have to wait for DM afterwards. This wait is long and i’ve Seen people wait for 26 months if not more. Don’t set yourselves deadlines nor think that Since you have a processing time, CIC owe you something. No two applications are similar. Security and background checks will take lots of time for evident reasons and even more if your country has a history with crime, drugs and terrorism.

    A friend applied 2 weeks before me. She got MR in Feb 2019 and i’m Still waiting for mine 7 months later. Again, no two applications are similar. Your work historic, your education, application with spouse/family/alone, lots of things will inevitably increase your processing time.

    Life will be different there guys. Complaining helps get rid of the frustration but you should rather take these 22months to get ready for a complete 360 change of lifestyle. :) do things you might not be able to do for a period of time when you will be permanent residents. I’m making the most of going at the beaches and maybe overseas too. We will go to canada , dunno when but we’re definitely going guys :)

    P.S: can’t wait to quit my job too :p

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  3. Now we are not able to call from Hangouts
    Anyone have idea other options ?
  4. No one exactly knows, there is no exact pattern. I believe it was completely explained by Shannon above!
  5. Well said Shannon! Lets all hope for the best!
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  6. Absolutely well said. I know a friend of mine who got his medical request in 20th month, which was followed by DM (in 2 weeks time). So sit tight, you are almost there. And yes, I echo to what you mentioned. We just try to vend our frustration here thinking we will be in a perfect situation once we get DM. But practically its going to be much worse for the initial period after landing there as you rightly said its going to be exactly 360 degree change in the lifestyle. So let's enjoy what we have in hand. And leave rest upto God to decide what's best for us. Cheers!
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  7. As we have seen that there is not a fix pattern for IRCC to follow in between AOR and PPR, we can't say anything for sure. Just keep in mind 22 months time frame. Most of the processing will be completed in this time frame for majority of the applicants. in my case i received medical request after 18 months from AOR.? So Dear hold your passions. These security & back ground checks take most of the time. They may ask you for additional docs like PCC, RCMP(if required). I think you will hear good news soon. Good luck!
  8. Hello All,
    I just called CIC and been informed that my ss has started two weeks ago one day after I uploaded my resume.

    AOR: Dec 2017
    APP: Feb 2018
    MR: April 2018
    Medical Passed: May 2018
    Pre-arrival: Aug2018
    Resume request: Aug 2019
    SS: started Aug 2019
  9. Hello,

    Just to share that I finally got DM after 23months. Patience is the word!

    Can someone confirm if it is best to take Travel insurance with medical cover for 3 months from the home country or it is best to take medical insurance once in Canada for the 1st 3 months?

    Also, do we need to show an accommodation letter upon landing?

    Thank you.
    All the best!
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  10. When you update any of your application information or upload supporting documentation via Web Form, IRCC sends a confirmation email that says those documents transferred to the related officer for further inspection.

    Do you get another email after this to confirm the documents that you've uploaded? or is there any place to see all uploaded documents to IRCC on GCKey website?
  11. congrats!
    could you please share your timeline?
  12. Congrats ... Best of luck!
  13. God is on the throne and I thank him for sustaining my patience and that of my family till this moment. He REIGNS and will always REIGN I must say. AMEN.

    We finally got PPR after the long wait of 23months and 17days. Really it can be tiring but I can talk from experience it will definately come.

    VO- CIO NS, Sydney.

    Submitted CSQ application- Feb. 18th 2014
    CSQ AOR- 6th of June 2014
    CSQ Issued- June 15th 2017.
    Federal Application- September 25th 2017
    Additional Docs(New passport for my 2nd boy)- May 10th 2018.
    Payment of RPRF- May 10th 2018.
    Medical Request- June 13 2018.
    Medicals Done- June 21, 2018.
    Pre-arrival email-June 21 2018

    The physician had to recall me for another test in July 2018. (August 6th 2018-Medicals passed).

    Discovered in Feb 2019 that my passport was going to expire in June 2019-Did a new passport and submitted to IRCC in Feb 2019 Since it is less than 6months.

    Re-Medicals request- August 1st 2019
    Medicals done- August 27th 2019.
    Medicals Submitted- 29th August 2019
    Medicals Passed- 30th August 2019.
    DM- September 10th 2019.
    PPR email- September 11th 2019( When I saw the email I could not scream nor dance because I was in a meeting with my Executive Directors).lol.

    My people just sit down and face your everyday life..it will definitely come like a thief in the night.
    Put your mind at rest.

    I wish you all the best, it has been nice interacting and exchanging experiences and ideas with you all. It was worthwhile.

    Jah Bless you and yours.

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  14. Happy for you Patience. Good luck in your future endeavours
  15. So uploading a resume is the same with resubmitting Schedule A but I guess this is more convenient! Good luck!

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