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Quebec Skilled Worker Federal Stage (After CSQ)

Discussion in 'Quebec Immigration' started by quebec100, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. Updates as per what? Medicals passed or DM & PPR?
  2. Hello all,
    A word of advice when submitting photos for COPR or PR Card. NO SMILE, not even a rictus and NO PHOTOSHOP, the photo needs to be as neutral as possible, most of the photographers can handle the dimensions and the measures within the photos but the smile is a no go. You smile, they will ask you for another set of photos, :) (this one doesn't count).
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  3. Recently Approved Please update

    Those who received COPR my medical will expire in Nov. 2019 and hopefully I will get my COPR Next week so do they will give me only two months to go to Canada ? My ready for visa email says ( I think it’s general for everyone)

    NOTE: Visa Validity

    The issuance of your Permanent Resident document(s) is time sensitive so it is important for you to submit your documents as and when requested.

    Once you receive your Permanent Resident document(s), please verify the information on it is correct. If there are any errors, such as incorrect spelling of name or incorrect date of birth, please inform Centralized Intake Officeimmediately. Your name will appear in the same format as it appears in your passport.

    Your Permanent Resident document(s) will expire one year after the date of your medical examinations or earlier if your passport or the passports of your spouse or dependent children (if applicable) expire on an earlier date.

    You must travel to Canada and present your immigration documents at a Canadian Port of Entry before they expire. The validity of the Permanent Resident documents cannot be extended.

    If you fail to enter Canada before this date and still wish to immigrate to Canada, you must reapply by submitting a new application and paying new processing fees. All such applications will be assessed according to the immigration laws in force at the time of receipt of the application. There is no guarantee a future application would be successful.
  4. Are you an Inland or Outland applicant?
  5. Out land
  6. EVA..So far your medicals have not expired..trust me, you have two months to move..please make use of the advantage.

    I wish you well
  7. Sorry but I can’t go that soon it will be less then 2 months how someone can leave everything and go in two months no way
  8. Hello Eva,

    You don't have to leave everything. You can make your trip within 2 months, get your PR card within 12 days and travel back to your country for proper planning.
  9. Okay sir./or ma..I wish you well
  10. Thanks everyone

    I have sent email to VO lets see if I can get 122 month time like other applicant ones approved.
  11. By God grace I got decision made in ECAs today
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  12. Congratulations, can you pls share your timeline?
  13. Ooo!! It's a very long journey
    Applied for csq in 2014
    Got csq in 2016
    Federal application on 2017 but file lost
    Again reapplied in 2018 Jan
    AOR on march 2018
    1stMedical done on August 2018
    Remedical done on August 2019
    Got decision made on ECAS on yesterday but no PPR mail yet...
    Don't know how long it will take for PPR email now??
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  14. 3 days to 5 days for ready for visa email
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  15. Arc.6016..at last...Happy for you.
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