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Quebec Skilled Worker Federal Stage (After CSQ)

Discussion in 'Quebec Immigration' started by quebec100, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. Thank you INDIA2674.

    Can't wait to inform us of.your Golden Email
  2. Can't wait for you to inform us of your GOLDEN email.

    You are the best.
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  3. It should come very soon, I would say in some weeks. Are you inland or outland applicant?
  4. Are you inland applicant?
  5. I am inland applicant
  6. What is good they do not ask for any document. What about country of origin? Why I am asking, it can vary a bit depending on cointry. I am in my 18th month, from Georgia.
  7. Thank you so much adeboyeadejobi. God Bless you too. I am sure you too would be showing your golden email to everyone soon. Best Luck once again :)
  8. No dacarde7. I am an outland applicant, from India
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    @FromINDIA2674 ... Hi @Ghostrider0789 - Are you sure you sent the correct copy of CSQ to CIO- NS?

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  11. Nope not inland
  12. Am from India
  13. I sent my application on 21.12.18. AOR not rec'd.
  14. You cant link you application with CIC account until you received application number.
  15. I have received CSQ in Mon Project account, it was issued online, there was no physical copy,

    So Yes, I have sent correct one, One of my friend she also attached the same copy and she got her AOR.
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