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QUEBEC Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship 2019

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by hatchi, Apr 30, 2019.

  1. Hi all, I have a question. I recently migrated from Ontario to Quebec (April 2019). My past three years taxes were filed in Ontario. Do I submit my application as if I were a Quebec resident (i.e. only the four forms)? Do you know if there is anything else I need to do to make the change obvious in my application?
    Thanks for your help.
  2. I dont know for sure so dont take my word as 100% correct
    but if you qualify for federal income then i would suggest to put some fiend address somewhere outside Quebec and apply directly to Federal with all forms .

    The reason I say that because in Quebec they need to look at last 12 month to determine if you are ok to sponsor or not and in your case you will not have been here for 12 months by the time federal ask you to apply to midi . So you will risk that your application maybe refused .

    after applying through federal wait few months till your application is in progress then just change your address to Quebec and there is nothing wrong in that since your application is ongoing

    Again I am not expert but since no one answered you I am trying to help with what i can
  3. Thank you. I wouldn't feel comfortable with using a Toronto address as I have already changed my address officially here in Québec. I can't risk there being any discrpency for them to look into...
    But thank you anyway.
  4. Hi I am in the same boat as you waiting for IRCC to send me the letter to start my CSQ process for my parents
    how are you planning to show the incorporation income ? are you planning yo show the NEQ details and so on
    please let me know
  5. sorry just saw the message now

    I will get letter from my accountant to tell exactly my income for the first X years from 2019 depending when we will apply to MIDI
    for 2018 I already did my taxes so will send notice of assignment for 2018

  6. Ohh ok...in the checklist i saw the following docs:
    Compulsory documents Sponsor Cosponsor
    1 The original of the Financial Capacity Evaluation form, duly completed and signed
    2 A copy of all your tax slips (Relevé 1, etc.) from the last income tax year
    3 A copy of your Québec personal income tax return for the last income tax year, including all
    schedules used, for example: Schedule L, Schedule G, TP-80 (Business or Professional Income
    and Expenses), etc.
    4 A copy of the Notice of Assessment issued by Revenu Québec for the last income tax year
  7. Ecas Status of your application for Sponsors living in the province of Quebec

    IN PROCESS (A decision has not been made yet.)
    Application Received by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)
    We have received your application and will review it in order of receipt. We will send you an acknowledgement letter.​

    Documentation Verified by CIC
    We are reviewing your application to make sure it is complete and that no documents are missing. We will return incomplete applications for resubmission.​

    Sponsor Advised of Eligibility
    We are reviewing your application to make sure you meet the CIC requirements for sponsoring a member of the family class.​

    CIC Forwards Sponsorship Application to MICC
    We will send your sponsorship application to the Ministry of Immigration and Cultural Communities (MICC). They will send you forms for completion.​

    Return the completed forms to MICC (some must be signed by the person you are sponsoring), along with the necessary supporting documents and applicable fees.​

    DECISION MADE (A decision has been made at this point.)
    Sponsor and Visa Office Advised of Decision Made
    If MICC approves your Undertaking, you will receive copies of your accepted application form. MICC will tell you what to do next.​

    If MICC rejects your Undertaking, they will inform you. You will have an opportunity to appeal this decision.​
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  8. great thread. I had a quick question here which got me concerned.

    My line 150 income on Federal return is more than i need from the calculator. but today i received Quebec NOA which says that
    "Votre revenue familial (votre revenue et celui de votre conjoint ) pour l'anee d'imposition 2018 est .****" << this figure is less than the income on line 150 .. i am really confused and concerned can someone please advise
  9. Very bad idea to lie.
  10. Are these both for your personal taxes or is one of them your business taxes?
  11. I had some self employed income component
  12. I mean i will add the letter from accountant as extra to those documents
    As the problem those documents show your income for last year 2018 but we dont have any proof of income for the first 7 months of 2019 thats why i want to add the document from the accountant

  13. Quebec calculate your income in different ways than federal
    it was never in my case that both Federal and Quebec had the same total income
    as federal consider some stuff as income while Quebec not and vise versa

    check with your accountant to understand the differences and check your old taxes you will rarely see them match (depending on your situation)
  14. for QC Applicant>> any news?
    anyone got letter to apply to MIDI for Undertaking and CSQ?

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