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QUEBEC Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship 2019

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by hatchi, Apr 30, 2019.

  1. Hi All,
    I decided to open this thread to have separate thread for questions and answers related to the process of Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship from Quebec . (most users dont know Quebec process so in this thread everyone will be familiar with Quebec process and forms)

    Please only ask questions related to Quebec forms (MIDI application) as well as questions about Federal forms that is affected by being in Quebec .

    Will ask my questions and reply to the thread and please all ask your own questions and help others here
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    I will first answer some questions from the main 2019 thread related to Quebec

    based on my understanding they expect you to apply 4 or 5 forms depending on your situation
    For the guarantor:
    • Engagement Form - Family Class (A-0546-GF) (ALL MUST APPLY)
    • Authorization to Collect and Disclose Personal Information (A-0527-FO) (ONLY IF DIVORCED OR OTHER SIMILAR CASES)
    • Financial Capability Assessment Form (and Instructions) (A-0535-FO) (ALL MUST APPLY)
    • Form to be submitted in support of the undertaking application (A-1520-BF) (ALL MUST APPLY)
    For the sponsored person:
    • Request for Permanent Selection - Family Class (A-0520-BF) (PARENTS MUST SIGN AND YOU MUST APPLY IT)

    and of course all the documents they want

    Seems you must apply to IRCC first

    Hello guys, I am a little bit confused with the application, forms and details to sponsor my parent.
    I live in quebec and I have seen some details to fill forms to get the CSQ , thus it is mentioned that I cannot fill the Quebec Kit and forms unless I am accepted first as a sponsor by the government of Canada. I am kinda lost, what shall I begin with and which forms I must fill and submit first.
    Any response or help is appreciated.
    Note that I am the only sponsor, I don't have a partner & I need to sponsor only my mom plus I received the invitation letter by email.​

    My Understanding is that if you get letter to invite you to sponsor then you must immediately apply to Quebec . which means now (actually in Canada forms they ask you to send the application to Quebec before sending the application to them )
    basically send both at same time

    Seems we have to do IRCC first

    Did anyone find what should be submitted as a proof of relationship (ie that they are my parents)? I am in Quebec and don't see naything in the guide. I think I saw something about birth certificate in the last year's guide but nothing this year...​

    Didnt see it required and I dont think they care. as federal Canada will check that as part of their process
    So for Quebec they mainly care that you can do the financial support
  3. Now My questions

    Before I start my french is weak so some of my questions may appear silly so excuse me for that

    in A-1520-BF (the checklist) they ask us to provide the letter from CIC inviting us to apply
    Buy they mention those requirements of the letter
    which means they expect the letter to show
    - sponsor name
    - main sponsored name
    - and the processing center

    the letter we received frm CIC only have my name
    the 2 other requirements are missing
    Did I miss understood it ?
  4. Question 2

    Throughout the Quebec forms do we type the date in the computer then print and sign ? or we sign and handwrite the date as well

    this part is unclear
  5. Question 3:
    in the Financial evaluation form (A-0535)
    I own a company and I am paid as dividends from this company
    Now for supporting document 11
    it says
    Do they really mean normally salary or here they mean my income as dividends and salary ?
    So in my case what i have to fill ?

    the original French text is like this
    This is critical for me so if you have any idea please let me know

  6. This is so wrong, you cannot apply to Quebec until after you get the letter from IRCC asking you to continue with the provincial process, which comes after the Sponsor Approval stage, DO NOT SEND your Quebec application yet, this is done at a later stage.
    First, you apply for Federal Government, you get AOR in 2-3 months and then a few months later you get Sponsor Approval (SA), but having experienced the Spousal Sponsorship Process, the SA letter does not usually include any mention of the provincial requirements, so you have to wait for an additional letter where they clearly state the provincial requirement, it is this second SA letter that you should attach to the Quebec application.

    I am no expert but I recently applied for my wife and this is what I did (she got her CSQ!), the only difference is that to sponsor parents or grandparents you have to demonstrate financial capacity to Quebec
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  7. But in IMM0008 in the guid
    they say this
    Also in Quebec MIDI site they say this
    I understand "application is admissible" as invite to submit application

    So I think we must apply for CSQ before applying to Canada , I am completely lost now
  8. In that form select NO and leave the rest blank, problem solved. Trust me, I already sponsored my wife and did this
  9. @diegosolano

    I think you are right
    one question When IRCC told you you are admissible the letter you received from them did it include the 3 requirements
    1- your name
    2- sponsered name
    3 - application center

    if yes it means you are correct and that actually answer one of my first questions above
  10. Hi Fellow applicants,

    My father is the named Principal applicant in my Parents PR application. Our issue is that he does not know his parents date of birth. Both are deceased, and there is no way to know the exact DOBs. The application guide says to put **** where date is unknown, but also say sthe form won't validate with the ***.

    Does anybody have information on how to go about this?

    Thanks and Good luck!
  11. For Quebec Form # 0535 >> page # 7 >> point # 1

    do we have to fill 0535 TWO times? 1 with Garant and other with Co-Garant sign???? why there is a checkbox under Garant and Co-Garant?
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    you must apply for Federal with Invitation letter. ones you got AOR >> IRCC will sent you letter to apply to MIDI. that letter contain following info.

    1- your name
    2- sponsered name
    3 - application center

    you have to attached that letter from IRCC when you apply to MIDI. you can not apply before AOR from IRCC. otherwise your MIDI will return your application.
  14. I just have a 6 months old baby, so do i count my family member as 2 or 3.
  15. NO you can not count Child Care Benefit from Canada and Child Assistant benefit from Quebec as a revenue for sponsorship.

    sponsoring 1 parent or both you have to show income for 2 as parents depend on each other - no any change for finincial requirement if you only sponsor 1 person because other one depend on sponsored person.

    you have to count your baby since born as family member.

    your and your spouse + baby = 2+1 = 3
    Sponsored person if you sponsored 1 or both you have to count both all time = 2

    so you have to check your eligibility for 3+2 = 5 member for year 2018. if they later ask for 2019 income - your family member size remain same 5 person.

    Hope this help you to understand your query..

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