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Quebec investor program after CSQ

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by Laithhisham, Oct 31, 2018.

  1. Hi
    You mean to say applicants who applied to federal in March 2017 are being sent the medical request?
    Pls reply
  2. China file processing can take up to 46 months. India is about 24 months. These are estimates and they can always change drastically, there is no way to predict effectively the time for processing as it depends on many factors.
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  3. Dear Zafar Khan what you spoke for processing time for China is right for Chinese Citizen but for non-Chinese citizen the processing time is shorter than Chinese Duo to this not there country so the processing time is different and be more fast ,,, Do you know some non-Chinese in china processing time ?
  4. Laithhisham,
    Yes, r u non-chinese? I think you have China PR. It will process same as Chinese people.
  5. Yes I have PR since 2007 before 12 years ,,, but my lawyer said it’s not same ... if you sure from this we must wait long time ,,, what is your major work in China ?
  6. I also work in China more then 10 years but no have chinese PR. I m doing busniess .
  7. Best wishes to you ,,, hope to you can get MR fast ,,, hope everything goes well for both of us .
  8. Hope you also get early . Please any response everyone tell us.
  9. You apply alone or with your family ,,, if you have child and you have CSQ ,,, you can ask your lawyer and send your child for study in Montreal but for a fee and then you can go with them,,, and this time you spend in Montreal every one day calculate half day ,,, that mean if you spend 2 year you can account 1 year credit still to you only 2 years for Canadian citizen .
  10. All of my family have CSQ , can I send my son who is 13 years old to Montreal to study ? Can my wife also go and live with him ( as my son is minor )
    I want to send them and maybe my wife can do some business there ? Any suggestions. Tnx
  11. Sure you can send your son to study in Montreal and your wife can accompany with your son as your son Under 18 ,,, if you have Lawyer you can ask (her or him) for more details but I think must your son wait until next August due to now school already start before 2 month more .
    If you have any Questions I’m ready to answer you .
  12. Oh really.
  13. But I ask my lawyer , he said under 18 year old child must want local guardian . Also fee is pay for international student. I have also TRV visa.
  14. @ Laithisham, do you received CSQ?
  15. I receive CSQ before 19 month apply for federal before 18 month ,,, so I’m waiting MR maybe need 30 month or more .

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