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Quebec investor program after CSQ

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by Laithhisham, Oct 31, 2018.

  1. Hello all :- I Applied In Nov 2015 and get CSQ in Apr 2017 and apply for federal May 2017 ( Quebec Investor immigration ) Is there anyone Apply from china for immigration under Quebec Investor program and know processing time for Receive the Medical report ( my Application process in Canadian Visa office in Beijing ? Hope I get some answer as I know need 9 month to 12 month to get the medical report paper but until now I’m 18 month and nothing update . Thank you for your reading my message .

    Best Regards
  2. Hi
    It’s a long journey. Patience is the key
    I have also applied under QIIP . Iam from India
    I have submitted my documents to federal (post CSQ) in sept 2018 . Waiting for AOR , it’s been more than 48 days now
    Presently processing times post CSQ , at federal level stands at 46 months . Though people are getting PR much earlier
    It is long period , but all we can do is hope and wait
    Good luck . Stay in touch
  3. Thank you for your kindness for your replay ( patience always is the key for successful) I hope you will receive your AOR soon within 90 days ... and for MR if from INDIA or CHINA Normally will take 9 to 12 month to receive MR ( it’s faster from other place like ABU DHABI will take around 24-30 month ) but for me now 18 month so this little strange but I still hope within End of this year must have some news ... for you I hope & wish to you your application process fast than me .
    Best Regards
  4. Many thanks for the good wishes . I pray to god that you receive your MR soonest
    Do inform me once you receive it
    Good luck
  5. Another friend of mine from India , applied Federal June 2017 , waiting for MR

  6. Hi Laith,

    Our file processing is also from Beijing. Did you get AOR ?. Have you applied directly or through a lawyer ?.
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  7. Hi
    Have you applied under quebec investor?
    Pls share your timeline
  8. Yes, my file also QIIP .your VO is also Beijing ?
  9. Hi
    I have not received my AOR yet so don’t know as of now
    But as Iam from India , I presume my VO would be New Delhi
  11. Ohh. .When did you make a federal request.also tell me When did you get CSQ?
  12. CSQ , May 2018
    Federal ; Sep 2018
    AOR : Awaited
  13. Hello ash , I think your AOR will coming soon.
  14. Thanks
  15. Hello all friend ,,, I Apply for federal in end of May and I receive AOR in 22 July (around 2 month) ,,, I still wait for MR now I’m in month 18 and no have news or update to my file . Actually processing time from New Delhi and China fast but sometimes get some delay in file ,,,
    Yes I’m QIIP and I Apply in 2015 and I have Lawyer in Montreal she is nice and good lawyer . If you have any Question I’m ready to replay you
    Best Regards

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