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Quebec investor program after CSQ

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by Laithhisham, Oct 31, 2018.

  1. Hello Sammer2211 which catalog you apply ?
  2. If you are Quebec business class you are welcome always .
  3. Quebec Investor Category
  4. Thank you so much.

    Also, what is the trend like. What I have heard is literally the visa office is not working on Quebec Federal files. Is it due to upcoming elections? The timeline also moved up 4 months.

    Few of my family friends Medical is due for expiry in August but no news so far. There was good movement till October 2018 but post that nothing much and since last few months it to totally off.
  5. Dear Sammer2211 we all hope after processing time will be faster patience is the key .
  6. Can you please tell me if there is any point of requesting notes on the file? If yes, does it mention the due of the file or what to look for in them that could be helpful? Thanks.
  7. Notes can be requested any time after 70-90 days. Generally you need to check the 2-3 page which will tell you the stages like Medical, Criminality,Eligiblity, security and last few pages will have the officers notes
  8. Hi Guys

    Can you please share the email address where i can share my phone number to be added in the WhatsApp group. Thanks.
  9. ndse2@yahoo.com
  10. Processing time increase again to 53 months :( ,,, No comment for me .
  11. Hi Sammer2211, did the family members whose medical was about to expire in august had to give medical again? or they received the passport request? Please do provide update as our medical is about to expire this October.
  12. I have seen these two pieces of news. It looks like there are some serious movements to expedite the speed of federal process for QIIP applicants.

    Anyone with any comments?


    "We believe that it is essential to increase, as of 2020, the selection thresholds of the PIIQ that have been reduced by 50% in 2019 in order to increase the capital available to Quebec SMEs. By tabling its Bill 9 1 last spring, the government has clearly stated its intention to align the needs of Quebec businesses with the skills profile of immigrant candidates. We ask that this will be reflected in the processing of requests from the PIIQ, which is a powerful growth tool for Quebec SMEs, "said Louis Leblanc , senior vice-president of National Bank Financial.

    Without counting the 2,500 families awaiting selection by Quebec, more than 5,000 families in the immigrant investor category are currently waiting for a permanent residence visa in order to settle in Quebec.

    "These families awaiting admission have already contributed to Québec's prosperity through their regulatory investment. Current deadlines jeopardize the reputation of the program, "said Marc Audet , President and Chief Executive Officer of AURAY Capital, a member of Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton .


    Among other things, they recommended granting immigrant investors a Certificate of Acceptance from Quebec so that they could settle more quickly in the province, which would encourage their retention.
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  13. Point 2 makes a lot of sense
  14. How would it work? Wouldn't it still need federal level approval of some kind?

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