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Quebec immigration ask to submit French B2 in one year

Discussion in 'Quebec Immigration' started by panav, Apr 14, 2019.

  1. hello friends i am august 2013 applicant. i got 1st intention to refuse on June 2016 which we don't receive in email, i know about that letter when i call MIDI they said about that letter, and its passed 90 days too. After that i requested again that letter and i submit that documents related to finance contract on Feb 2017. after that i got 2nd intention to refuse on Nov 2017 in which mention that u do not qualify due to low points because they apply new rules and we loose points in change of area of training point grid. Now on March 2019 we got letter from midi which states that ,The implementation of the August 2013 grid requested by the Applicant is not receivable because the provisions of the Regulation on the Pollution Regime applicable to the selection of foreign nationals are confined to applications for which the preliminary examination has been held. before March 8, 2017. Done, the preliminary examination of your application has started on March 8, 2017 and MIDI ask me to submit B2 in French otherwise file refuse. Can u please tell me about the Preliminary process, is this process start after intention to refuse or before intention to refuse.

  2. I guess when they sent you ITR they have already started preliminary process.
  3. It seems from your narrative that your application preliminary review started on March 8, 2017, which is after the cut-off date of "before March 8, 2017". Therefore, you are affected by the changes. Would the B2 in French take you to the required points to allow your application to continue?

    It may be that your translation of the letters from French is confusing matters? Perhaps you can paste the letters here, as they were received, and native language speakers can comment.
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    Please tell me in my case from which date we calculate preliminary process starts. Is it starts before June 2016, when i got first intention to refuse or before Feb 2017 when i got second intention to refuse or starts after submitting documents which r requested after second intention to refuse? If the preliminary process starts before June 2016 or Feb 2017 what can i do, can i go for administrative review, because MIDI apply new rules to me, and states that your preliminary review starts on 8 March 2017.

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