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Discussion in 'Quebec Immigration' started by wingsofmaybe7777, Mar 20, 2010.

  1. Hello all, i know it is kinda basic question but still i appreciate if you all suggest me what to do.
    I am currently standing on 60 Points as per calculation including spouse and a kid.
    Is there any chance of getting invitation from quebec? does any one know currently at what points quebec is offereing.
  2. Come on guys, wake up!
    Do you really think Quebec will choose you without French or job offer?, ARRIMA Will choose according to Quebec's priority, also there are an stock of 5000 from ASia candiddates.
    Do a favor yourself, try another province
  3. Quebec is not giving priority for Asians, still 2014,15,16. Applicants are waiting for csq....
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  4. Hi what with people who are already in QC with a valid job and enough points but without French. I have an NOC 0 level managerial job and submitted expression of interest for CSQ recently. My PGWP will expire in March, 2021. Would it be feasible to get PR before my work permit expiry or moving out is a better option? Plz advise
  5. Dear All
    What so ever... Any idea about first Arrima portal draw information?

    Based on first draw we came to know how are our profile progress and decision for other Provincial think.
    Lets hope better results.
  6. Hi.. myself and my spouse trying to fill the declaration of interest in Arima portal.. we are facing the below error..

    Under the family situation header, there is a question as" is your spouse completing declaration of Independence or does he intend to file one" , if I select es option , it is asking for the spouse's file number of declaration of Interest. When we fill in the number, it is not validating or accepting and throws error.. we have tried in our both profiles , and it is same error .

    Can anyone help me with regard to this?
  7. Looks like bugs...Pls connect with support desk team
  8. Thank you!!! Trying for past 2 weeks, will check now...
  9. hello all
    is there any news regarding arrima portal draw, waiting desperately
  10. hi ,anyone pls tell me any idea regarding csq application i received file no in 2014,after that no reply.i tried in mail they won't reply.anyone is waiting for the same.if you have any idea anything can be done pls tell me
  11. No idea everybody waiting for the same
  12. Can you plz let us know from which country u applied
  13. Hello
    I applied in arrima and sent my expression of interest, now what? Is it normal that after the confirmation email I haven't received any new? Is there any thing to do but wait?


  14. Hello... Please I want to know more about the application process. Am from Nigeria. Thanks
  15. hi all..any news for nov 2015 applicants?

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