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Discussion in 'Quebec Immigration' started by wingsofmaybe7777, Mar 20, 2010.

  1. To all,

    This thread is strictly for QSW although any input from virtually anyone is appreciated.
    WHo has already applied for Quebec?
    Who is planning to apply for Quebec?
  2. im planning to apply for QSW. have you applied?
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  3. I am also planning to apply for Quebec. I have started organising all the relevant documents except the bank statements, ielts & TEF.

    Does anyone know if I need to submit the bank statements, ielts & TEF upon submission of the forms?

    Looking forward to your advice! Cheers!
  4. you have to submit ielts and TEF alongwith the initial application but not bank statement.
  5. Hello All,
    I am writing to you for purpose of determining what do I need to provide for my profession accredited by the Quebec province in order to qualify for the immigration.
    I hold a Masters degree in Computer science from Georgia Tech USA in computer science. My bachelors degree is also in computer science from Pakistan. I need to know if both degree's need to be accredited. Plus, I am not sure at this point in time if my profession comes under regulated trade or profession in Québec(Whether its regulatory or non-regulatory profession). and do I need to have it approved or evaluated before I apply for immigration (this process will delay the application filing time, plus add expenses).
    The statement from the form qouting "obtained recognition of the equivalence of your diploma or training from the relevant regulatory body, you must provide proof." What proof do I need and how to get this proof to attach with my application.

    Please help..

    You all have a great day

  6. Salut à tous..

    J'ai déjà envoyé mon application vers l'ambassade, mais je n'ai réçu point de réponse.

    Ne manques pas de patience :)
  7. i have applied on 16th of April, 2010.
  8. Bonjour à tous,

    Je vais envoyer mon documents la semaine pochaine. je vais informer à tous.

  9. Good luck angeleye..
    I'm just 5 days ahead of u ;) :)

    Bonne chance Shahi..
  10. Gathering documents to apply to montreal Office. To all who have applied, for my current studies in progress, does the transcript have to be official on University letter head? Or can I just print out an unofficial record from the university system.
  11. Hi everyone ,
    Me and my wife have applied last October 2009 . Now we waiting for interview date in New York. We using a lawyer from Quebec. I know that the new rules after
    October 2009 are more strict about French skills .The lawyer was rushing our application before the new changes.
  12. Hi
    Really? I did not know they have become more strict regarding french.. i guess a person like me after 5 levels of french..whether that is good or not..

    But i guess what happens will be good for all of us.

    Good luck to all.
  13. Hi Mal,

    I'm really not sure about any restriction concerning french language matter, however why they would these restrictions now!

    Anyways, logically speaking..anyone aim to move to Quebec should practice & master french language..cause we aim to LIVE there!

    How could anyone live in a country without knowing/speaking its language?!!

    Best of luck for everybody..
    & as Shahi said..may what happens will be good for all of us. :)
  14. @ iceberg: thanks and same to u
    @ chibiks: yes it has to be on official letter head.

  15. Hi everybody,
    I have already received my CSQ.
    Submitted all documents to Federal in March 2009.
    Now waiting again :( :( :(

    La patience fait vivre............... ;)

    Anyway best of luck to all of us
    May God bless we all have our visa soon. Ameeeen
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