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PRTD document checklist

Discussion in 'General - All Canadian Immigration' started by ayush11, Feb 28, 2017.

  1. Hi , I became PR in Canada(landed) on Jan 18,2017. Unfortunately due to work requirements I have to travel back ( on Jan 24,2017) without the PR card.

    Now I want to return and hence gonna apply for PRTD (permanent resident travel document)

    Their check list(IMM5627E.pdf) says

    * Two pieces of evidence that show your permanent resident status in Canada

    I just have the COPR document. What else do I need ? Anyone went through this ?
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  2. Hi..

    I also have the same concern. I travelled for a short period for landing and had to leave without the PR card. Now i need to travel back to canada permanently and have to apply for the travel document. The form is quite confusing as it is meant for peole who have held the PR status for many years. It does not mention anything about new PR status holders.

    From what i can understand from the form is that you can skip this requirement and support your application with a cover letter explaining your circumstances/case. They will read your cover letter and accordingly decide on your application.

    But i am also still searching for clarity on these points. Hope someone in this forum can help us out.

  3. Are you from a visa exempt country? If yes, I'm thinking your visa could be used as an additional proof. Or the immigration landing stamp with your COPR if you are in fact visa exempt.
  4. Hi. I also have a similar situation. I am resident of a different country and citizen of a different country. Can I apply for this doc from my home country or i have to apply from the resident country only.
    Alternatively what is the validity of this doc.

  5. bump!

    I have the exact same question.
  6. I have the same question but this is what I'm thinking I will show (copies):
    1) CoPR of course
    2) The immigrant visa page of the passport (now canceled as the visa is single entry).
    3) The PoE stamp page on the passport which also has the immigrant number
    4) SIN printout
    5) Airline tickets + boarding passes maybe + passport stamps, that prove how long I was in Canada
    6) Any other required documentation such as passports etc.
  7. Hello,

    Did you find solution to your problem, I might be in same situation after few days so wanted to know what shall I do
  8. The CoPR alone is fine. If you'd like you can also give a copy of the immigrant visa and landing stamp in your passport. (But it's not needed.)

    Remember as a Permanent Resident in compliance with the residency obligation you have a right to a PRTD. Don't sweat it.
  9. Thanks buddy,

    I do not want to move to Canada without a Job, I was wondering if I can land in Canada, initiate my PR card process and fly back to my home country.

    I would wait for some job opportunity from my company or externally.?

    Can I do that? Would re enter with PRTD? Do they question why I left Canada so early
  10. I got my PRTD (multiple entry, valid for a year :))

    This is the checklist I wrote in my cover letter, and thus these are the documents I sent, for PRTD application:

    "1) Application for Permanent Resident Travel Document (IMM 5524)
    2) Document Checklist (IMM 5627)
    3) Original valid Passport
    4) Fee receipt of CAD $50 for PR TD
    5) 2 photos
    6) Expired passport (photocopy)
    7) As proof of Permanent Residence, I have enclosed (all copies):
    - Confirmation of Permanent Residence (CoPR)
    - Immigrant visa (single entry, used) issued for landing + port of entry stamp
    - PR approval letter from CIC online account
    - Proof of SIN issued on <date>
    8) As proof of meeting my residency obligation, I have enclosed (all copies):
    - CoPR which has my record of landing date, <date>
    - Boarding passes
    - Record of my exit and entry into U.S., from U.S. Customs and Border Protection Website.
    - New bank account opened on <date> (proof of physical presence in Canada)
  11. I recently got my PRTD, went to Canada and came back to US. I wasn't asked anything at either the US or Canadian immigration. Canadian immigration just looked at my PRTD, typed something, gave me a stamp and I was in; took less than 15 seconds.
    If you meet the residency obligation, there's no reason why they'll deny you entry. Even if they do ask, which is unlikely, just say something like you "needed to wrap up things at home before moving to Canada permanently", or "you wanted to be secure and find a job before moving". Honestly I like to think they'd appreciate that you are being cautious and not being a burden on their system ;)
  12. Thanks buddy, I appreciate, this is really helpful.

    Only doubt I have is how to prove residency obligation? how we do we prove our intention to stay in Canada for 2 years in next 5 years? I had read this is one of the requirements among other documents.
  13. Congratulations!!! How long did it take to get PRTD? Which country did you apply from?
  14. Thanks! I got it within 7 days of mailing my packet to CIC. Applied from US.
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  15. @ch671 you mentioned "4) Fee receipt of CAD $50 for PR TD", could you please tell me where did you pay to get the receipt?

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