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Protected Person - Permanent Residency

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by Pindimurree, Jan 27, 2019.

  1. Hey everyone, my case was accepted in Nov 2018. I applied for my PR in January 2019. I know the timeline is approximately 24 months. However are there any chances of it being processed earlier? I heard some people got it in 6 months.
  2. 6 months is for express entry. Yes there is a chance of faster processing but that maybe be 18-20 months. Processing times have really been bouncing around from closer to 3 years back to 2 years or a bit better.
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  3. i got it year and half - protected person
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  4. Will u plz guide me how to apply for pr and which documents required. Thanks
  5. My file shows in progress now. With medical recieved. Now how long do you think after this?
  6. hi Pindimurre
    Im same case as you accepted in NOV and submit my application Jan 10th, im form Mexico and so far have the same status as you In procees and medical received.
    where are you from? why dont we keep posting results since timeline are similar
  7. Hey, it's funny how our times are so similar. Absolutely. I'll keep you in the loop!
  8. Are you able to share your timeline? when did you apply and when did you get it? what office?
  9. Mine was 16 months
  10. Hello this is my timeline:
    @Accepted as protected person 20Nov 2018

    @Submit application 10 Jan 2019

    @star processing your application 11mar2019

    @Send of correspondence acknowledging of receipt of the application 12 mar 2019 ( by the way never received the mail, I call and they explain everything was ok and they can't reawnd because is just an acknowledgement.

    @Medical results have been received (are the same when I applied )

    My status today 24 of jun2019 in process
  11. Hello,
    Today 8 July 2019 I received a letter from CIC to get my finger prints in electronic format, I did it in the morning, and according to the RMCP web if there are no criminal record (my case) they got them in 3 days or less, and then they submit them to CIC by regular mail that takes about 3 to 5 days so I expect in 2 weeks the information will be on my file.
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  12. Thank you, keep sharing your updates.
    I'm on the medical received stage waiting for the fingerprint.
  13. I being protected person applied for PR in March 2018, after 17 months today I have been informed by CIC, CPC Mississauga that my case has been approved Now I have to wait for a call letter from CIC Etobicoke for return of my PPetc and issuance of COPR.
  14. Hello, where are you from, thanks for sharing congratulations!!!
  15. Hey everyone. I just wanted to let everyone know that even though my status said "medical recieved" from the start. They still asked for my medical today. Recieved the medical request today in the morning. Wondering how long from this step now and what's next.

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