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Proof of Funds while Landing in Toronto - please share recent experience!!

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Rifat Mahmud, Feb 26, 2016.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Just a quick question, I have my landing next week. I will be carrying 2000 dollars in cash and the rest would be bank statements of the local bank. These bank statements would be in rupees not dollars. My question is that will the bank statement be accepted or do the officers ask for dollars bank statement and not the local currency.

    Please advice. Thanks
  2. Don't worry, it 's not a problem. They will just try to converse it to CAD using the daily rate.
  3. Thanks a lot. How was your landing experience.

    Would appreciate it others can also respond on my query.
  4. Earlier reply is correct, banking institute provide statements in local currency and Poe officers will ask you to provide a ballpark figure in cad based on prevailing rate.
  5. Thank you for sharing your positive experience. This was much needed !! :)

    These days all that most of the people do is they share negative posts and comments trying to hold back people from coming !!

    Once again much appreciate your efforts.
  6. Hi Rifat,

    I just wanted to ask how did your landing go as i had the same query however, i was informed that the amount you declare as POF can be reflected simply through your bank statements at the time of landing canada border control and you can carry basic liquid cash for your initial requirements.

    The POF shown initially at the time of application is merely applicable for that time only and not to be proved at the time of landing by carrying entire amount in cash or whatever.
  7. Your pof in app is essentially your proof to ircc that you can sustain yourself. Your pof at Poe is the same proof provided again at a different point in time. Someone can show same sources with an updated statement if they wish or they can show different sources. It is understood that funds/sources can change over a period of time and hence the reason. The bar for POF in terms of amount and need for it to convince Poe that it is yours still remains.

    In terms of carrying them in person that is passenger's choice. It is usually prudent as a traveler however, to limit carrying cash for travel immediate purchases and advisable to carry cards (prepaid or travel or credit) for first few months. Rest of the funds can be directly transferred from Bank to bank or online or wire modes.

    Hope that helps
  8. Pof at the time of application was purely bank statements only. So you mean to say i can just bring bank statement copies latest and that would suffice ?
  9. Yes if your funds still remain in same bank
  10. Thank you for being elaborate indeed. It is helping me
  11. He didn't ask you that, if u are leaving vanada within 5 days. Then why he should apply for pr cards, as how will u get pr cards in Dubai and come back to canada
  12. Usually they don't ask such a question. One is expected to get a prtd to re entering country
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  13. Can I show proof of funds of my mother's account since she will be sponsoring me?

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