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Proof of Funds while Landing in Toronto - please share recent experience!!

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Rifat Mahmud, Feb 26, 2016.

  1. Hi Kabby,

    We would be landing next Friday 24th of March with very similar plans. Landing for 2 Weeks along with the family and coming back to resume our normal life in Dubai for a couple of years before deciding our final decision on permanently moving to Canada / Montreal.

    Your post had really comforted me and made me more relaxed to the full process, as I was really started getting frustrated with many questions in mind. I would be grateful if we can talk or communicate outside the forum.


  2. Thanks Kabby, it was helpful.
  3. Hi kabby & Gas 72,

    Hope you guys are enjoying your PR status. I have similar plan of landing in April 2018 and stay for 10-15 days. I am also planning to Carry 5K CAD cash and show rest in Bank Statements. Can you please confirm Since you provided address of your friends for PR Card delivery, was there any challenges for PR card delivery or anything else which you guys would like to share.

    I am currently in Dubai and final plan to settle in Canada by end of 2018.

    Thank you for your valuable time.

  4. Hi Kamalnba,

    It is off-topic question, but still...
    How will you get you PR card? Shipped to someone's address?
    I am also planning to go for a short trip and come back to my country and not sure how will I get then PR card (whether to fly there second time or mail to a colleague's address (I am worried loosing card by mail like this)).
  5. Hi. I have a question regarding the CAD 10,000 limit (without having to declare). Is this the limit amount per head or it it the limit for the whole family?

    My spouse is the primary application who got the PR and we are a family of 3.

    Thus will be have to declare if we carry 10,000 each or collectively?
  6. It is 10,000 per person. If there's more than 10,000 per person they will not tax it nor confiscate it so just declare it. You have to provide the proof of funds that is more than 10,000 for the family of 3 anyway.
  7. 10000 CAD per family
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  8. Exactly my situation. After reading here I plan to carry 6-7 k in Canadian dollars, and rest show my bank account details in India.

    Another unrelated question, if anyone can answer.

    Is it ok to go to Canada first time via a third country? I plan to have a holiday for a week in an Asian country and from there book a flight to Canada.
  9. Declaration free limit is 10000 CAD for the family.
  10. Hello everyone. . m landing in Toronto from India, with my family in March 2018. I had some queries regarding the Proof of Funds (POF) to be shown at airport while landing.
    By what all modes can I show them? I have heard mixed reviews about all these..-
    1. Forex card
    2. Traveller's cheque
    3. Gold
    4. Bank statements
    5. Bank FD's
    6. PPF statement

    What all are accepted as POF? Anyone already gone through this please ..please provide some inputs...
    Thank you in advance!
  11. Nova Scotia bank has a special service to let PR open bank account in Canada and deposit money even before first landing. You can operationalise it once in Canada.

    Alone or in combination, forex cards, cash, traveller cheques are also acceptable. But cash is most risky. Indian bank statement is not acceptable

  12. Thank you for ur prompt response.. Have u any experience with this, whether the officials reject bank statements..? I need to specifically know abt FD..since I have one with the same amount as needed to be shown for PoF for a family of three! Should i rely on that?
    Further, POF does mean tht we just hv to show that we have sufficient funds available to support us..let it be in our home country only.. Accordingly then the demand draft n traveller cheque means we ll hv to compulsorily deposit tht amt in Canadian bank upon arrival..
    Kindly lemme know wat i think is logical or not?
  13. You have to show 19,093 Canadians Dollars for a family of three.
    The FD statement you used at time of application will not be valid any more. You can take out a fresh statement/ certificate a week or about before Canada arrival. That should be ok.
    In addition carry a couple of thousand at least in traveller cheque/ cash/ forex card to show you have immediate supply of funds. And you can tell immigration you will bring to Canada the FD as you need it.

    FD should not have any fixed term attached to it and it should clearly be mentioned in the statement you can withdraw it any time you want.
  14. Did you use this service? if so, is it effective?
    Thanks in advance
  15. Hi geeco, I did the same. Opened an account with bank of Nova Scotia before I landed in Canada and wire transferred funds. They allow pre-arrival online account opening from 16 countries. I used the confirmation of funds transfer as proof of funds when i arrived in Canada.
    The process is simple and takes 10 mins. Go to: http://www.scotiabank.com/ca/en/0,,7193,00.html.
    All the best!
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