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Proof of Funds while Landing in Toronto - please share recent experience!!

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Rifat Mahmud, Feb 26, 2016.

  1. Hi,

    I am landing soon in Toronto from Bangladesh.

    CIC expects us to show Proof of Funds equivalent to: CAD $12,164 (or USD 8995.05 for myself).

    I am requesting those who have already landed recently to share their experience regarding this.

    Did the Border Control Agency ask for this entire amount in cash or demand drafts or could you just show a bank statement from your home country showing you had the funds in your name?

    The reason I ask is that Bangladesh has very strict foreign currency restrictions and currently we cannot take more than USD 5000 dollars out of the country legally. This includes demand drafts, while we cannot obtain traveller's cheques from Bangladesh. So, it is quite hard for me to take this entire amount in cash with me when I land in Toronto. Also I don't feel really safe carrying all this cash on me.

    But, I am equally worries about it being a 'problem' after I land if I can't show the full amount.

    Hence, asking for recent newcomers to Canada to share their experiences in this regard while landing.

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  2. I have exactly the same issue and question. Landing in 3 weeks and wouldn't want to carry cash with me.
  3. All I had to show them is a printout of my online banking that listed the amounts. I did bring no cash at all (although I guess I had some dollars in my wallet... :) )

    That doesn't mean that it will always be that easy. There are no official rules regarding the proof of funds thing. I would recommend this: Get the same kind of information you used to prove your funds for the PR application, but make sure that it is an updated version of the documentation (dated as close to your landing date as possible).
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  4. Hi Spify,

    Thanks for your response.

    So, in essence you are saying that a recent bank statement and certificate certifying that I have CAD $12,164 on my name in a Bank in Bangladesh should do the trick.

    It would be great to hear from others to see if anyone has had severe consequences for not carrying all that money in cash.

    Any other threads where I can post this to get more responses?
  5. I have not landed yet, but from what I understand, you are not supposed to bring in all $12000+ into the country in cash- in fact, there are very severe restrictions on bringing in more than $10000 CAD (customs declarations, that sort of thing). The best thing to do is to bring in as much money as you think you will need for, say, a couple of weeks to a month in cash, and for the rest, show bank documents or other financial documents that prove that you have the money, that it is liquid, and that you can access and use it as and when necessary.
    After that, you are expected to open a Canadian bank account, and then have the money transferred to it.
  6. Dear all
    Currently i m residing in bahrain and planning to move canada by end of april. Today i visited one of the local bank and they said they dont make draft to canada. Now i m a bit confused how to take money from here as i dont prefer carrying huge sum of money (i m mot certin about cash carrying regulations in bahrain). I have following questions;
    1. Can i transfer to my sister account in canada before i leave from here? What i need to say at airport while landing?
    2. What could be alternative option? ( my brother is also here so can he remit latter in my canadian bank account? If so i wont be carrying large sun of money, will there be problem?
    3. Can i open hsbc bank here and get tranfer money? Will they allow?
    Waiting for the reply
    Thank you all.
  7. Any possibility that your sister in Canada can get a bank draft in your name?
  8. How can she make draft in my name? If i will swift in her account before i leave what shuld i say to POE? Do i need to declare the fund that i transferred before my arrival? What might b evidences?
  9. That is not true. There are no restrictions. You have to declare anything over $10,000 dollars and simply be able to show where the money has come from. You could take a million dollars if you wanted and they won't do anything.
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  10. Do we need to carry funds that we disclosed during our application? can i take around 10,000 CAD initially and latter my brother transfer into my account i canada? do i need to disclose relevant account details in POE?
  11. Here is my beautiful landing story.

    My flight from Dubai on the 13th Nov early morning 2am via Amsterdam to Toronto.
    When I reached Toronto with my husband and 2 year old son, the first passport control officer asked what visa are u in and what category have u applied for, we said FSW program and we were directed to the New immigration counter.
    Where we were so overwhelmed by the welcome given by every officers we met.
    We were asked very few questions, the basics.. How long is ur stay, how much money u have in hand, and when will u come back.
    I had 3000 cad in hand and for 9 days and we said we will get back with in 5months.
    And we were told, we have the visa for 5years and we have to live in the country for 2 ½ years to retain the status. And we gave our friends address for the PR card to be mailed.
    We handed over the copies of the COPR and were asked to sign, and within few mins we were directed to SIN counter, where we applied for the SIN number.
    And then there were two ladies who gave us a bag with the welcome to Canada kit and medical forms… and were asked to meet another officer to submit the B4 forms.
    I worked hard to fill in the goods accompany and goods to follow forms, with lots of papers backing up with the proof of funds,
    The officer didn’t want to check anything that I had, he took the B4 for goods to follow and the copies I attached and gave seals on the back of all the papers and gave us our copy with the seals and a print with the estimated value.
    He didn’t check the proof of funds or ask us anything more. No Goods accompanying form was asked or checked.
    And we were said WELCOME TO CANADA, congratulations now you are the Permanent resident 
    Within 20 mins all the drama was over…
    The feel of stepping on to the land of Canada..? Such a bliss…

    We didn’t even have a look at our opportunity regarding our Jobs. We stayed 9 days in two different hotels. Sight-seeing.. And returned back home with 1500 dollars in hand 
    We are getting back to Canada in next 2 years after making some money in Dubai.

    Conclusion: I never wanted to leave the country, people were so kind to us, and the weather was awesome.
    Though we are making good money in Dubai, I told we should get back to Canada ASAP and make it our home. Because it’s so beautiful out there…

    Ask me any questions, ill try to reply my best.

    Thanks for reading 
  13. Hi Tahmid and Kabby,

    Thank you so much for your POF stories.

    It helps.

    Especially Kabby's story was very uplifting indeed.

    I will bring along 7000 USD or 9000 CAD and will show the remaining in a bank account in my name in Bangladesh to be on the safe side.

    Thanks again.
  14. I landed in Toronto this week and was not asked for POF. I brought 5k CAD with me and a bank letter showing I have necessary funds, but I was not asked to show it at all.
  15. Just tell her to go to her personal banker in Canada to get a bank draft in your name.

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