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procedural fairness letter

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by Ikrait, May 29, 2019.

  1. No, this isn't entirely true. They are obligated to issue a procedural fairness letter in cases like this. We aren't trying to scare anyone more than they should be once they receive a PFL which is very very serious.

    Do not take a PFL lightly.
  2. Yes its not light but its not as much serious as you are saying. I suggest you read the pfl in federal site completely.
    Of this person was trv applicant they would be rejected straightaway. But they are very soft with pr applicants. There are many cases like this one explained the situation and have got their pr card. But the more important part is the contains of former application with the new ones.
  3. I have read what you are suggesting I read many times. Please don't tell people that they can "forget" to declare previous visa refusals and IRCC will treat them "softly."
  4. Ok my friend what are talking about. I suggest you first go and read my first comment. Its very important to mention their visa refusal from us and canada because if they have any rejection from these 2 country the cic will be notified in their system. All the pfl letter was for these 2 country and never happened to any other country yet
  5. If misrepresentation has occurred, as defined by the legislation, then It's a very serious matter. This can easily result in a refusal and ban, even for PR applications. A PFL is quite simply a letter saying that the application will be refused, unless a satisfactory response is received by IRCC.
  6. Good luck thanks for the comprehensive infos. Every body knows about this ‍♂️
  7. I got my golden email and i was refused france and germany and us before but i just mentioned in the forms about u.s visa. They just check us and canada .
  8. You're lucky.
  9. Thanks for the kind reply . Yes I have given them an explanation and now it's been 7 months I haven't heard from them . I have ordered my GMCS noted through getgmcs.com and it showed
    Medical : passed
    Security : not started
    Criminality : not started
    Misrepresentation: in progress .
    And there was a note stating what I wrote in the reply and the fact that they will probably check the veracity of my documents . Until now they have not decided so I hope things will be alright .
  10. Have u got any updates ?
  11. It has been 5 months since I passed my medical but so for haven't got any updates from my visa office. My file to london visa office was transfered after I passed my medical and got adr I e generic and travelling forms, background form for my wife and pcc from london visa office and submitted adr on 24 Aug 19 but still waiting for decision what could be possible decision at this stage any idea ?
  12. Just now I have checked my online status and it says " decision made " I haven't received anything from my representative . So I don't know their decision yet . Hopefully it's positive
  13. Plz do update us ?
  14. Will do . Thanks
  15. I promised to keep you all updated . Unfortunately they have refused .my PR + 5 years ban for not declaring US and Canadian tourist visa. The refusal letter goes on to state that the officer wasn't satisfied with the reply given to procedural fairness letter .
    I'm sorry for myself and those facing the same situation . My question is : is it possible to appeal this decision ? And what are the chances of winning ! My mistake was made by my lawyer who failed to ask me whether I was refused or not he assumed I have never been ( but I know that's not an excuse )

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