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procedural fairness letter

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by Ikrait, May 29, 2019.

  1. Hi everyone ,

    I have received procedural fairness letter regarding my previous visa refusals . I made an honest mistake while filling PR form. In other words, I Ticked No on the question " have you ever been refused entry or any visa to Canada or any other countries ? I have had multiple US visa refusals. I'm aware that Visa refusals don't affect PR application and I had no will to hide anything.
    Now, IRCC gave me 30 days to answer about it .
    My application is Quebec PR .
    I am now on " medical results received "
    I spoke to my lawyer and he asked me to print all my passport pages + write a table stating all my previous visa refusals + he mentioned he will write an apology letter and state that this was an honest mistake .
    Does anyone know that I still have hope of getting my PR issued after this mistake ?
    I appreciate all your time and consideration ,
  2. You will be extremely lucky if you continue to get the PR. You will be lucky if you are not banned for five years.

    You know you have had "several" US visa application refusals and you "forgot" to mention them?

    They could have an impact on the PR application, which is why you are required to declare them.

    Your lawyer is the best one to advise you now.
  3. Hi ,
    I appreciate your reply .
    I never forgot to mention my refusals , but I carelessly read the question and mistakenly ticked "No"
    I spoke to my lawyer who was taking care of everything since day one .
    He mentioned several times that this won't be a problem as long as we mention all refusals + dates + and reasons , and if any of these refusals was for a fraud . He mentioned that if that's the case then
  5. Your lawyer may well know more than me, but there are plenty of examples on this forum of people who "carelessly" ticked no, apologized in a letter, and were banned for five years.
  6. Your lawyer is giving you a false sense of security. Failing to mention refusals is a big problem. Yes - there is some chance that PR will be approved. There is however also a decent chance you'll be refused - and some chance you'll be banned from Canada for 5 years for misrepresentation (in addition to being refused).
  7. Thanks ,
    Well I don't see why my lawyer would give me any false information, but let's just say that he is being positive since there is still the so mentioned " a chance to get the PR issued "from what I understand , it's all common sense and nobody can know but the agent who deals with it . If nothing suspecious comes out , and if all the refusals are normal , then can't a human do a mistake ? I still believe it won't be an issue based on my application and the reply we have offered . This stays only my opinion . But I will definately post my results once I get them .
  8. Do post your results. There are many, many examples of people here refused visas for doing what you did. We don't know how many people have been granted them after responding.

    It's not really a mistake - it's careless reading of a very clear question (like you said above).

    I wish you luck in not getting banned.
  9. I think that you are missing the point with regard to a PFL for misrepresentation. It's not so that you correct your answers and/or apologise.
    It's to give you an opportunity to correct IRCC’s mistake in believing that you have misrepresented yourself. Clearly, you have, and IRCC have caught you. At this point in time, not sure that there is any way out of a refusal.
  10. Will post my reply for sure .
  11. Will post my reply for sure .

    Thanks . I'm certainly not a professional to understand the ongoing of PFL . But I know people who were in the same situation and got their PR issued ! Same exact situation again . So how can we define this situation ? Luck
  12. There's absolutely an element of luck to it. There are also some factors that can increase or decrease the chances of refusal - such as the number of refusals not declared. Good luck.
  13. Thanks. Will all make sense after the decision . I'll keep you guys updated
  14. Hello guys, just a quick advice from you please , I checked my CSQ application form and I found that I declared my Canadian refused visa . The application only states about Canadian refused visas . Will be a good thing if I write to IRCC ans mention that I once declared my refusal which may enhance my chances to proof that I didn't intend to hide any of my refusals on my PR form and it was just due to carelessness ? It's been four months that we replied to the fairness letter so I don't know if we are still able to add more information to it !
    I appreciate all of your replies . Thank you
  15. Dont worry about it at all. Just explain it why you had refused. I think people here just scaring cases like you without thinking thoroghly before they discuss about the problem. Yes there are people in the forums who banned for 5 years and its because of contradiction between their new and old applications. They dont reject you straighaway in fact they check the contains you had provided in the previous application and compare it to your current application. Your work experience, marriage, the employers. If they find out any fraud and contradiction they will reject you straightaway without any soft tongue. good luck you will get pr soon.

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