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Privately Sponsored Refugee from Turkey

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by Dominico96, May 7, 2018.

  1. Lets hope for the best...
    keep us updated with your file progression ?
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    Hi there,
    We made interview 27 May 2019 and the officer told to us that max 6 months for check criminal background. And until now we still “in process”. Until 27 November we need to wait or maybe it’s need more? When we can receive “decision made”?
    Does anyone know that processing time for Turkey changed and right now is 25 months?( before it’s was 26 months) I will glad for any reply about how much time it’s taking from application received? If it’s really 25 months or more?
  3. Hi guys
    did anyone receive any updates or some news ?
  4. No update yet ..
    Medical has been expired on October 3.
    still waiting with no response
  5. hello friends
    did anybody heard about suspended of a sponsourship agreement holder ?
    I was started the process but my sponsours in Canada has Suspended. So because of this my process is on pend. is there anyone who can give me an information about this please .
    Thank you in advance

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