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Privately Sponsored Refugee from Turkey

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by Dominico96, May 7, 2018.

  1. Hi friends,

    When I enter my application online from "in process"
    1. We received your application for permanent residence on May 13, 2017.
    2. We started processing your application on July 21, 2017.
    I need to know how long will I wait for calling for the interview. I am Privately Sponsored Refugee from outside of Canada. I did not apply via UNHCR. My sponsor applied instead of me from Vancouver, BC with my confirmation. I am Azerbaijan citizen. Is there anyone who has experience from Turkey in this process? When we applied in May the processing time tool on the website showed 13 months from Turkey. But now it shows 23 months. How does it calculate? For May result or daily? And from which time of these they started to process time, from May or July? I will really appreciate if someone helps me!
  2. Unfortunately nobody will be able to tell you. If I was going to guess I think another year would be more likely. Given the strain on the system 1 year seems incredibly fast and unusual.
  3. The current processing time applies to you - so the 23 months. You can start counting from May.
  4. What I meant was currently processing times can change so nobody can tell you when your application will be processed. I would think the chances of longer than 23 months are pretty high.
  5. About 1 year. You will get email from CIC. Good luck
  6. Hello @Dominico96 ,

    I applied in April, 2018, under SAH privately sponsored refugee outside canada. I live in Ankara, Turkey. I got an email from IRCC on June 7, 2018 with UCI, which i can use to check my status online. it says in process, however, when i click on it, there is only one line which states that We received your application for permanent residence on April 20, 2018. How did it go in your case? I guess the next step would transfer of file from Canada to local visa office, which in our case would be Ankara (i guess). Also, we are not UNHCR registered refugee. please keep posting with update as it would help me and many others.

  7. Thank you dear friends for helping and your valuable knowledge! I really appreciate it!
  8. Our (you and mine) Application is the same I think. I can tell you that I applied on 13, May 2017 and my sponsoer informed me on 21 July, 2017 that you Application is sent to the near visa office (which is in Ankara). I also live in Ankara. Now when you enter your account on cic website you see the only one line whish says they received your application......I think After 2 or 3 month at least you will get information from Your sponsor that what is next. After you can see the second line (like me, top of the page) that it will say they started processing your application. It means that you Application is sent to Ankara from Canada. It also means that there is no any needed page, documents or there is no any wrong thing in your application. If it has, the CIC sent back the application to the sponsor to correct it. But don't be afraid of this happening. I think your sponsor also works very good and attentively because they work with persons who has good experience. Maybe you can hear in this month, who know :) be patient. We have to be so. You know, there is no other way. Im waiting from January 1, 2017 still today and I will be wait more. There are many many Application that they can't reach all them at the same time. I will inform you from here time by time when I get any new about my application. Again be patient, friend.

    And also you and everyone here can contact me with email that you can ask questions about application and about being patient.

    Good Luck for all of us!
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  9. Thank you, highly appreciated. So in my case about 20 months more- which i think is not bad. I hope you receive your medical and interview request soon. Good luck to you and others.
  10. Hello,

    I see another line added to my ECAS as of today

    2. We started processing your application on June 13, 2018.

    It seems the process has actually begin.

  11. Soon you will receive news for interview
    For my I received message from VO for interview at the same day of add the same line to my ECAS
  12. Hi, which country are you being sponsered from?
  13. Hi friends,
    I got email from IRCC. They invited me to the interview. It will be in 1st August 2018. I am very excited. If any one has been through this interview it would be really helpful to get an idea of what the interview would be like and any tips on preparing for it. Another hand I wanted to update my process timeline.

    By the way thank you for all your responds and thoughts. I really appreciated it.
  14. Congratulation my friend. I wish you the very best for your interveiw. Keep updating us. My case is very much like yours- so your thoughts would surely help me and many others with similar cases. Was there any line added to the ECAS? or you just received a letter?


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