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Privately Sponsored Refugee from Turkey

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by Dominico96, May 7, 2018.

  1. appreciated dear friend but this link gives comprehensive information on how sponsorship works, i wanted to know this particular sponsor program which these people have applied as they mentioned there is no requirement for refugee card from outside canada for this particular program as they say (their sponsored has covered refugee status on behalf of them from within Canada.) this is what i need to know.
    thanks any help will be appreciated
  2. No one said that refugee status is not needed.

    For this program too, the sponsored person must provide proof of refugee status. Otherwise you can't sponsor him or her
  3. Thanks for the information.

    Do you know how long after submitting the application your sponsor received approval from within Canada before the file was transferred to Canadian embassy outside of Canada?

  4. you can see on one of (PSAHR) comments that he is not UNHCR registered refugee.
    Dear friend i just need your exact experience on how to apply for this program because you have practically gone through the process as i also live in Turkey with temporary foreign id card that the Turkish government issues for refugees.
    Would this foreign id card enough to prove my refugee status?
    Because i am also not UNHCR registered refugee.
  5. Three month
  6. I didn't say UNHCR refugee registered. I said refugee status. In Turkey, you must have the document that government of Turkey grants you as refugee card without which you can't leave the country. So again you have to be recognized as refugee in Turkey before aplapplyunder this program.
  7. Thank you for the comment.

    I received email confirming that the application is complete and forwarded to officer in Canada for eligibility assessment.

    So hopefully I hear soon from them.

  8. i have the foreign id card from Turkish authorities.
    what else do i need to apply under this program?
  9. You can't apply under this program. You need 5 people who must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents to fill the forms and submit them to Canadian Immigration for your sponsorship. Those 5 people can get the help of an Immigration lawyer or consultant to handle your sponsorship.

    This isn't as straight forward as you may think to apply from overseas.
  10. is it the group of 5 sponsorship program or SAH (sponsorship agreement holder) because i had applied under group of five from calgary and they asked us for UNHCR official refugee card as our refugee proof. Thats why i am being little bit curious to know about this particular process that PSAHR has applied from Vancouver BC.
  11. Yes, it is group of 5.

    When did you apply under group of five and what was their final decision on your application?
  12. Applied last year
    Our application got denied before reaching processing stage.
    We had been asked to have the UNHCR official refugee card and thats impossible to get.
  13. That is sad to hear that.

    Do you remember how long after your application was submitted you got the rejection response ?
  14. Sorry for late answer. I was very busy.
    Nothing changed in my ECAS. I got call from Embassy two times. First they asked me if I want interpreter and the second on was about the interview date and place. They also sent us ( me and sponsor) email and some additional forms for fill out. Be patient and update your phone number in Turkey. Make sure that your phone number is the same with visa office.
  15. there are many but honestly I can not tell you how many exactly. Actually we were other department of embassy. some people other room, some people just check something in there.

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