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Privately Sponsored Refugee from Turkey

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by Dominico96, May 7, 2018.

  1. So, If you approve they give you the paper for medical test. you have to finish your medical test in the same day. I went to clinic where embassy gave me the address of it ( there is also cic website). I passed all tests and they send the all results to Embassy in the same day. After 14 day the new line is added to my ESAC that "Medical results have been received" Actually my friend, you can get information in clinic that you have any dangerous thing in your blood or not. The guys in clinic were amazing and very friendly. And they told me all the results :) I mean they informed me that there is nothing to worry about.

    And yesterday my ESAC status changed to Decision Made but not any addition in it. No any new line. But is is just online tool. I am sure they will inform us about confirmation in next week.
  2. I did not accept any letter for criminal test. the embassy do it without me. They have opportunity to check my background from my home country and where I live currently. But this is about only my case maybe in other application it is different. Actually I am in 21 :) I don't think that It is necessary to check or find ant criminal records about me :) I am joking :)
  3. 1. It was May, 2017
    2. I did not receive any sponsorship approval yet. I am still in process. Just yesterday I saw My ESAC status changed to "decision made"
    3. In June, 2017 they started to process my app. next was June 2018 for interview. That is all
  4. A little over three months.
  5. Thanks brother.
    Dear friend could you please share us about your sponsorship journey as it might help alot to others as well.
    1= which privately sponsor program did you applied under ? what was needed at the beginning ?
    2= which Canadian province are you being sponsered from?
    3= what are the requirements to get sponsered ?

    Thanks in advance.
  6. Glad to hear that you passed the medical and the decision made in your application

    Btw, where are you from ?
  7. Thank you for your response and congratulations on all progresses so far.

    When did you receive the application number to check the status of your application on ECAS?

    I'm waiting for that.

  8. It is my pleasure,

    I got my application number after 11 month. I think you get this number when applied because after that you have to be opportunity to follow your application. No matter it will be taken to process or not. But this is my opinion. I got it after 11 month because I never asked it from sponsor. If get number you will check it everyday. It makes you nervous and that is why I waited 11 month. So, If you or your sponsor applied to CIC it means you have already application number, I think

    the best for you,
  9. Thank you!

    We submitted the application in May and still waiting for the approval from within Canada and then the number for checking application status.
  10. Excellent news- Congrats. Our file is in process. Thanks for sharing the very helpful detail. All the best with the remaining steps.
  11. Hi PSAHR,

    When did you get your application number to check the online status after your application was submitted in Canada by your sponsor?
  12. Hello,

    I got it on June 7, 2018.
  13. I have question Guys ,

    I had my interview with embassy in Ankara in March 2018, they said evry thing is ok, only security and medical check are needed , but they did not ask me to do medical exams ... is medical exams after security check , or Normally they are together ?
  14. hi dear friend,
    would please tell us about additional form that you have received ?
    did you receive additional forms before interview, after interview or before getting called for interview?
    thanks waiting
  15. Hi Brother Dominico96
    Can i have your personal cell phone number as i also live in Turkey just need some information.
    thanks waiting

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