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Privately Sponsored Refugee from Turkey

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by Dominico96, May 7, 2018.

  1. The form that the officer fill is for the internal purpose and is different from what you filed.
    It might be used for comparison purpose.
    GCMS has all the updates what an immigration officer takes on your application, so you can see what has happened in your case.
  2. Yes- I made a request for GCMS today. It’s going to take a month.
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    Thanks for the information..
    We will see what happens as of now our representatives are refusing inquiries for our files, although i have emailed the embassy for updates back on March, and they replied that right now our case might be on background checking and we dont need to take any action that was the reply..
    Appreciated my friend.
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  4. Thats good did you request it yourself or your sonsors or any other person on your behalf.
    Keep us updated with your request hope you hear something positive soon..
    Best regards
  5. Hello everyone I hope all of you guys get to Canada with your familiws soon. I sponsored my sister G5 Nov 2016 and her Visa office was Islamabad.
    Her interview was January 2019 and medical was taken May 2019. The ECAS status has changed to decision made for the past 3 weeks. My question is for someone who has already made it to Canada, how IOM will arrange transportation and travel arrangement? Will they assist refugees with exit permit from the city they are living or refugees have to arrange it with their city refugee department Turkish authorities themselves .I appreciate your answer and good luck with your refugee cases.
  6. I think it various depending on country . In Turkey ,turkish authorities gives you exit permit and IOM arranges travel documents.
    As far as i know in pakistan refugees go through police check and if everything is fine with Pakistan authorities than IOM deals with exit permits and travel Documents..
  8. Thank you for your input, so applicant will have to arrange their own exit permit themselves from Turkey. I was wondering anyone who landed in Canada from Turkshare their experience with us , it will be very helpful for us to know what to expect.
  9. Anyways thank you guys my sister has been issued flight date and my question was answered I wish everyone good luck and safe journey to Canada. If anyone needs any help please do let me know.
  10. Hi guys I am living in Georgia Tbilisi... My application is submitted today by my SAH sponsors , so how long will it take to inform me to start my process...
    Thanks in advance
  11. Hello Brother
    have you received any update on your file considering GCMS Note?
  12. Yes- it shows that I passed the eligibility, criminality, and security checks. The file appears to be back to Canada for some final decision- doesn’t show when those decisions are going to be made.
  13. So there is no clarification on why its taking long for them to make the final decision on your file...
    When did you receive the update on your GCMS Note request after submitting ?
  14. Hello bro
    did you receive any update on your file ?
  15. Hello Jordan,
    Nothing new for me- same old status "in process". Now that election is over, hope we all get good news soon.

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