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Preparing Requirements in Applying For Live In Caregiver Program

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by JoAnn, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. Your always welcome...Hope you can gather all your documents soon... so you can process your papers and submit it right away in the embassy.
  2. Hi Jocelyn,

    Thank you for your information.
    Are you also the same situation of me still gathering the documents and waiting for the LMO? or you are already in Canada?
    Right now I applied my NBI and when I get it on April 10, they said I am the one who will send it to the Philippines for processing.
    Thanks.. :)
  3. Hi to All,

    Good day!

    Please help. Do I need also to print out and submit the instruction guide of the application packaged in the Canadian Embassy here in Abu Dhabi, UAE? Is there any required enveloped that I need to put all the documents for submission?

    Thank you. Really appreciated for all your answer. :)

  4. Hi

    I'm a newbie here. My questions are the same as yours. How many photocopies should you provide along with the original document? Should the photocopies be notarized?

    Thank you so much :)
  5. hi joann....i have been reading a lot about application for caregiver program to Canada...and most of those who applied got their employers thru relatives and referrrals...it's my first time to know a case like you where you just applied thru the Job Bank...is it thru jobbank.gc.ca?...if you wont mind, may i ask how you applied to your employer?...is it thru e-mail only?..thanks in advance for your reply.

  6. Depend on the visa office your going to submit your application. If the document checklist is asking for photocopy or original then you have to follow. Normally just photocopy no need notarized. Unless when you applied in Quebec they are asking for certifified true copy.
  7. Hello.

    Thanks for your reply I really appreciate it. I'm here in Saudi Arabia, I already have an employer, but right now I'm starting to process all the papers that I can process. If I may just ask, do I still need to submit NBI? or just a Police Clearance?

    Can I ask for a draft of any letter to be submitted to the embassy?

    Thanks a lot :)
  8. I'm a graduate of Nursing, do i still need to provide my high school diploma along with my other college credentials?
  9. Hi,

    Yes you need to submit NBI clearance if you are from the Philippines and also Police clearance from where you presently living for more than 6 months.

    You must obtain a police certificate from each country or territory where you have lived for six consecutive months or longer since reaching the age of 18.

    The certificate must have been issued no more than three months before you submit your application.

    (Can I ask for a draft of any letter to be submitted to the embassy) = What do you mean by this?
  10. The letters to be submitted in the embassy, like explaining that my current employer here in Saudi Arabia doesn't know my intentions to apply to Canada because I don't want to jeopardize my working relations with them. And the letter explaining how I met my employer. Things like that, a template would really help because I don't know which format to use.

    May I ask as well, I asked one of my friend whose a police officer to get me a police clearance, he can get me one from the Philippines even if I'm not there 'coz he's a police, the thing is, I lived in Manila, and the police clearance is from Dilasag Aurora, I worked also in Aurora for 2 years but it's in Palanan which is 2 hours drive from Dilasag, and he got me a clearance from Dilasag. Do you think the police clearance is acceptable? He'll be sending it by courier tomorrow, I'm worried maybe it'll be nullified, because it's from a different place. Thank you so much for all your replies :)

  11. Hi,

    In my opinion, I undertand that you don't want your current employer to know that you're applying in Canada, but what's the point in explaining to the Canadian Embassy that matter, I think it is not their concern, what's important is you filled up and submit all the complete forms required by the Embassy on your place and you have approved LMO and contract of your future employer. Once the visa officer received your application, it will be reviewed to make sure it is complete. In which Visa Office in Saudi Arabia you're going to submit your application?

    Regarding Police Certificate, as far as I know police certificate is only for local job in the Philippines, your going to submit your application for travel in Canada, so maybe you need the NBI Certificate. If your application is incomplete, it will cause delay for the processing of your papers.

  12. I'm here in Riyadh and the embassy is 1 hour drive from here. I'm really anxious about the process, by the way, I forgot to ask, do I need to provide an Exit Visa? I can provide a copy of my Entry visa in Saudi Arabia, but I don't have an Exit Visa yet, my contract would end next year and my sponsor would probably give my exit visa a week before I leave. Is it necessary to provide exit visa upon submitting my application?

    Thank you so much for all the information, it's really a great help.
  13. Hi cynthialaster and joAnn. I'm a Filipino, too, working in one of the hospials here in Qatar as a Nurse. I've read that you are nurses in the Middle East as well and now applying visa for live-in caregivers. Do you have 6 months of training for the LCP? or our experience as nurses could be equivalent to related training/experience also? I am hoping for your reply and others who ma wish to give insights. Thank you so much and good luck on your applications.
  14. Hi,

    I am not really familiar on the processing in Saudi Arabia, to not mislead on your application check the link, this will guide you on your application. http://www.canadainternational.gc.ca/saudi_arabia-arabie_saoudite/visas/work-apply_demande-travailler.aspx?view=d

    Good luck. :)
  15. You dont need to have 6 months training, but you need at least one year full time paid experience, chilcare, eldersy, special cases. Im bsn grad as weel, no experience at hospital, but i have experience in childcare, special cases. :)

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