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PR Status

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by sansan, Nov 9, 2019.

  1. Hi,

    My son renounced his Canadian PR status, and wondering how can he regain his PR status again.

    He is now in Canada for holiday, after renouncing his PR status.

    Would appreciate if you could direct the right direction.

  2. He has to apply again anew, under one of the pathways to PR.

    You cannot un-renounce.
  3. Hi,

    Thanks, and what are the pathways available.
  4. When I arrive first I have to get a PR
  5. I'm sorry but your comment appears to be unfinished. It makes little sense at the moment.
    What is your question?
  6. Hi ,

    I landed with my family " my wife " and kids in Sep 2015, They traveled back in Oct 2015 and they didn't visit Canada again. Now they want to come back to Canada by June 2020. Their PR cards still valid until Nov 2020. I called IRCC they told me that they could come in and they have to stay in Canada for 2 years till they could apply for their PR Cards renewal. But the officer at the Point of entry might question them and they have to convince him that they are coming with the intention to stay permanently in Canada otherwise he might cancel their statues and let them in as visitors. I referred to a consultant and she advised me to go through a " PR renewal with Humanitarian and compassionate arguments". However, another friend told me that since their PR Cards are still valid no one could prevent them from entering the country.
    I'm so confused now and I need your advice

    Thanks in Advance
  7. What's with the quotes around "my wife"? Is she not your wife?

    It doesn't matter if their PR cards are valid. The fact that they will have been out of Canada for nearly 5 years means that they have a high chance of being stopped and possibly reported for failing to meet the RO. They will still be allowed to enter.

    Are there H&C grounds?

  8. She is still my wife . So they will be allowed to enter but could you please explain what do you mean " reported for failing to meet rsisedency obligations " ? .. i.e would they have their PR statues canceled ? and in this case they have to deport Canada and I sponser them again .. That's why I refered to the consultant .Taking about H&C My father in law is suffering from Liver Cancer since 3 years and my wife is taking care of him .
    I'm thinkg of the safest scenario tyo have them here in Canada by next summer and the point is I couldn't sponser them since thier PR Cards are still valid .
  9. If reported, their PR status would be revoked. They would be in Canada as visitors and you could sponsor them again.
  10. But they have to deport Canada again as their statues would be vistors , Right ? or Could I sponser them while they are in Canada and get the Kids into schools
  11. You could sponsor them here. Whether the kids could attend school depends on the school/board.
  12. They would lose access to the public health system as well. Your father in law got cancer 3 years ago so your family could have returned to Canada anytime in the first 2 years so your H&C argument is not very strong.

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