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PR sponsorship for child born outside Canada to permanent resident parents


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Jun 8, 2010
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Hi Team!
Me an wife are Canada PR holders who did a soft landing in Mar2020 just before the lockdowns and returned to India. Our PR cards have also been issued and rcvd by us. Now, however, we are pregnant and want to deliver the baby in India. We plan on migrating to Canada with the baby in Jan2022 now.
A few Qs-
1. Can we, as Canada PR holders get entry into Canada with our new born (even though the new born does not have a Canada PR/citizen status)?
If yes, then is there a documentation needed for that?
If this is indeed possible, can we sponsor our new born 's PR once we enter Canada in Jan22?
2. If the above case is not possible, then what are the alternatives?
I have gone through the earlier comments on the posts here and am not sure if I understood correctly.... Hence this specific Q... Sry if repeated
You need to obtain a TRV for your baby to be able to bring th baby to Canada. Thereis no guarantee the TRV will be approved. Probably a 50/50 chance. If the TRV is refused, you can try applying for a TRP. If that is also refused, then one of the parents will have to move to Canada ahead of the rest of the family to sponsor the child for PR. That parent must remain in Canada while the application is processed. Once PR is approved, the child will be able to come to Canada. Processing of the application will likely take around 8 months. So the short answer is that if you have the baby outside of Canada, there's a chance one of the parents may have to live separately from the rest of the family for a better part of a year to obtain PR status for the child and allow the child to come to Canada.
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Mar 22, 2016
I sent my Baby PR application by mail and delivered October 20, 2020 but yet not received any email from IRCC.
I cannot advise how long you need to wait but even in normal times 11 days would be pretty optimisitic.. With the pandemic processing times are significantly extended so you just need to be patient, could be a few months before you hear anything at all there is no way to predict.