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PR card timeline (Etobicoke office only)


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May 11, 2020
Is there any way to know if my photo was at least approved ?
I submitted my photo via portal a month ago and still shows as "in review with IRCC"


Jun 22, 2019
Here's my final update for y'all.

COPR - Jan 21st
Photo Sent - Jan 25th
Photo Arrived at Etobicoke Office - Feb 4th
GU1 - June 10th

GU2 - June 15th (I clicked the application and the document status shows "We mailed your permanent resident card to you. Your card can take up to six weeks to arrive.")
Application status switched to "Approved" - June 15th

PR Card - June 18th

Now, I'm outta here! Good luck to you, bros hahaha


Jan 20, 2021
Quick update here:

COPR: Jan 18th
Photo Sent: Feb 1st
Photo Arrived at Etobicoke Office: Feb 3rd
Approved and mailed: Jun 15th

I didn't link the application to my profile (no matter how many combinations I tried, still no luck). I only made a phone call to IRCC this morning and got the update that my app was already approved and the card is mailed yesterday. Strongly suggest to give them a call for the status and make sure you confirm the mailing address with them!
Final update here:
  • Card received: June 18th (I'm located at downtown toronto)
Hope my updates help you all! Good luck!