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PR card time line through pr confirmation portal..!!!



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Apr 16, 2021
Hi Guys, I think for PR card there is only one GU right? Also, do they request to change the photo after GU? Photo was taken by a photographer who deals with PR photos. There was a warning of "too bright or dark" but even after changing brightness, it gave the same issue. So I uploaded the photo after adjusting the chin to lower circle.

I linked my account yesterday after receiving eCoPR, received GU on my gckey today. My timeline is given below:

Application: PNP Outland (moved to Canada on work permit after AOR)
AOR: Jan 25, 2022
Approval Email/PR Portal: May 5, sent 2nd email on May 9 and then received PR portal credentials
eCoPR: May 10, 2022
GU1 on gckey: May 11, 2022


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Nov 16, 2021
hi... May I know on how to check the which office is working on pr card application? I landed in Toronto and linked my application to my GC key. which email address should I ask for status update ? has it be a web form otherwise? appreciate your help.