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PR card resubmission photos outside Canada

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by Malik84, May 4, 2018.

  1. Hello Folks,
    Please would really appreciate a concrete feedback regarding Pr card photos resubmission outside Canada.
    To summerize my case;
    - Landed in Toronto on march 2018 , back to my home country 2 weeks later to fix severals things before final settelment July/August. In meanwhile, i have received a request to resubmit a new photos.
    My interrogations are as follows;
    - Can i sent photos outside canada directly to CIC? is there any issues?.
    - if its ok , How long does it takes to process PR cards.

    Please help so i can plan!!
    Thanks in advance
  2. > Can i sent photos outside canada directly to CIC? is there any issues?.
    yes, no issues

    > if its ok , How long does it takes to process PR cards.
    Anyone's guess, but most cases seen here were 2-4 weeks after IRCC got the new photos
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  3. Hi Shannon,
    Thanks for your feedback...just to confirm because im quiet worried..did you or know someone who has experienced this..means sent photos outside canada directly to CIC and has received PR card normally!!!.

    Thanks again!
  4. Hi All,
    anyone who has experienced this ...

  5. Not experienced this but think you are overthinking things. All CIC want are valid photos that meet the required specification and a Canadian address to send the PR cards to which assume you gave them on landing. Whether you send the photos from outside the country or not is really not likely any issue at all as long as they meet the specification.

    If you were applying to renew cards or applying for your initial cards from outside the country that would be different as that is not allowed, but you applied whilst in Canada so apart from the postage on the envelope with the photos as far as CIC is concerned you could still be in Canada.

    Anyway what choice do you have, apart from PRTDs, if you want your cards delivered to a Canadian address and couriered to you so just follow the instructions and send them in within the timeline required.
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  6. Thanks for the clarification...u are right sometimes i'm overthinking !..i follow the general idea and will send my photos outside canada by today directly to IRCC.

    Thanks to you!
  7. Hi Malik,

    I am in the same situation as you. Just received the request for additional photographs today. In USA after soft landing in Canada.

    Did you submit the photos with the name of the studio from outside canada? Did you receive any update/conformation regarding photo submission? Have you received your PR card yet.

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  8. Hi Saura , everyone
    I'll take this opportunity to update you.
    Yes i've resubmited my photos from outside canada on the begining of may 2018 ..and recieved confirmation one week ago and was mailed to my friend's adresse 2days ago (photo resubmission processing time 1.5 month).

    Good luck to all.

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  9. Thanks and Congratulations!!!
  10. Hi Malik,
    I am in exactly same situation like you, reading your post give me a sigh of relief.
    Can u tell me which address did you send your photos? Bcz the the letter I received mentioned PO box address to send my photos and DHL amd Fedex doesn't deliver to PO box address.
  11. Hi Saurabh,
    Did you submit your photos ?? Did you sent through courier service??? if yes on which address did you sent your photos.
  12. Hi Saubaurh,
    You should mail your photos to adresse stated on IRCC's notification already recieved....in my case i mailed ot to sydney nova scotia.

    Good luck!
  13. Hi Malik,
    You mailed to PO box address or courier address?? in my notification only PO box address is mention where courier services doesnt deliver. How ever online i found the courier address as well 49 dorchester st. Sydney NS B1PYZ2. but not sure should I have to send on this as this address not mentioned in email which I received by IRCC.
    So I want to know on which address do you send your photos exactly is it PO box 4500 ... or 49 dorchester St.....???
  14. Folks I'm in similar situation only worse. I got back to India after landing there end of May. Now, July 6 I get a mail saying I need to resubmit my photos. I was traveling at the time and I forgot to check the mail in detail. I happened to see the mail on Aug 6 (30 days later!!) and quickly go the photos. Now, DHL guys kept the courier for couple of days and told me that they can't deliver to the address. Now here I'm on Aug 9 with the courier back in my hand. The only option it looks like is the India post which is estimating 9 days for delivery.

    Is there a point to doing this at all since I have well crossed the 30 days? Anyone in the same boat? I have to anticipate traveling; so can't afford to not have a travel document.

  15. Hi sree,
    Sure courier services doesn't deliver to PO box address there is a courier address as well one guy share his email on another page have the address for courier also you can comfirm this address from CIC website. I will recommed you to send via DHl asap at gove it a try before going to travel document option.

    Case Processing Centre- PRC
    49 dorchester Street
    Sydney, NS

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