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PR applicants from Iran

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by Mr_nobody, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. I uploaded additional documents (cv/military rec) on November 12th. But, the situation is still "we need additional documents...." and it has not changed yet!
  2. I know some applicants who the same happened to them. I think it'd be beneficial if you send a web form or an e-mail to your visa office
  3. Mine changed to "NA" this morning (a day after submission). You may want to raise a CSE.
  4. Amir, could you have a signature with your timeline?
  5. Amir, I definitely agree to enjoy your normal life.
    Even though I ordered notes, I don't recommend others to do so as it might delay the application. Notes does not contribute positively to your application at this stage, but it is good thing for peace of mind. Anyways, I will let you know of results when I received them and that is why I created this thread. Have fun
  6. Yeah, definitely either call them or raise a CSE as their system has a glitch sometimes. You may want to make sure at least they have received your file and the upload was completed properly.
    Please also add your timeline to your signature.
  7. oh, Really? I didn't know that! how come?!
  8. Why ordering note will result in delay in processing the application?
  9. Not only There is no logic between ordering notes and delay, it may expedite the process though.

    That's a false statement , So let it go!
  10. Amir no worry . that's a system glitch . many people face these technical issue. just make sure they received the document by either rise a CSE or ordering note ( least 10 business days since you uploaded them )
  11. @aasaf @mehdiattari @soheilhs
    I did not say 100% it delays your application, but it might delay, might not. You never know.
    So, how the system works is that when you apply your docs will be entered to Global Case Management System (GCMS). When you order ATI (Access to Information), they will print all your records in GCMS and send it to you. However, since there are a lot of information that needs to be redacted, one separate officer will take a look at the notes and decides which part to release and which part to redact. This is why usually it takes more than a month to release them. This officer might need to double check some details with the main officer who is working on your file. This can be a good thing or a bad thing. Suppose there was a glitch in the system, or the person uploaded a file and they forgot to consider it, or they just forgot about this case, then ordering notes will remind the officer to work on them. That is why there are some cases on these forums who claim that ordering notes helped their cases moving. On the other hand, sometimes when the officer sees that the person ordered notes and others try to verify which part to show and which part to redact, he/she stops adding new stuff until the process of notes is done. This might cause some delays on your application. However, there are cases that lies somewhere for months without any touch. In these cases, ordering notes does not delay anything as they are not working on the file anyways.
    There are also other governmental agencies that do some part of your application. So, even though CIC once tweeted that GCMS does not delay the application, other agencies might delay it. I am also sure different groups and bureaus have their internal procedures of how to handle the notes.
    TL;DR it depends on you. If you want to take the risk go ahead and order it, if you don't want don't do it. I myself did order it and am waiting for it.
    If you have more details, please share with me
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  12. Makes sense
  13. Hi mate, Thanks for the statement.
    Ordering GCMS in some circumstances is a must. Not only expedite the process, but it also gives you a clear image of the application and the steps taken. Nobody order GCMS for fun. There usually is a concern that someone orders it and I believe having a clear image of application and peace of mind outweigh any possible delay.

    All the best with your application. please share your notes once you received it.
  14. Thanks bro for the info. I haven't ordered the note yet, and after reading your post, I'm gonna wait until the 6 month period is over, which is due in 2 weeks
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  15. I will share as soon as I received it. Also, would you please share your timeline in your signature.

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