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PR age for canada

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by Shaliniaggarwal, Sep 8, 2019.

  1. Is PR for canada too difficult if age is 41
  2. Which immigration route are you asking about specifically?

    For some routes age matters a lot, for others it is irrelevant.
  3. I am an indian....working in India and want to come to canada with my husband and daughter and then find jobs there
  4. Yes, age matters in your case. It would be very difficult to get Canadian PR via Express Entry since you are losing a lot of points due to your age. It's not completely impossible since there's a slim chance of getting a Provincial nomination depending on your profession, but it's a very slim chance.
  5. I am a banker with around 15 years of work experience...one visa agency in I dia said that i can get PR and they can help me get it....i was not sure so I thought of checking first before paying the fees....how slim are my chances.
  6. I would be careful about paying any agency. First do some of your own research and understand your chances before you commit to paying a lot.

    There are two routes to immigrate for someone like you - Express Entry, and the Provincial Nominee Program.

    Express Entry - your chances are essentially zero due to your age. You have to calculate your CRS points here - https://www.canadavisa.com/comprehensive-ranking-score-calculator.html#gs.1vam2t

    I assume you haven't given your IELTS yet, so just put in the maximum score for that section. If your final CRS score is anything less than 450, you have basically no chance at all. And given your age, you are not likely to get even close to 410.

    Provincial Nominee Programs - I'd say your chances are very close to zero here as well. Canada isn't really prioritizing people with banking experience. But you can read up on it and see if you are willing to spend some cash for a 5% chance of getting a PR. That's your decision.

    Why don't you ask this agency for details on how they plan to get you a PR, and then come back and tell us. If they promise you a work-permit etc, run away since that's a scam for sure. If they give you a realistic appraisal of your chances, that's different.
  7. I got 419. But still if u say i have no chances...its really disappointing. I was so looking forward to it.
  8. Unfortunately the chances for older people are very small. It's not 100% impossible, but you should know that it's a very small chance and plan accordingly. Don't spend a lot of money for no reason.
  9. Ok...thnx for your inputs.
  10. The lowest it went for express entry last year was 439, so no chance at 419 I am afraid. You 'consultant' just wants to take your money!
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  11. Hii...i also checked with canadavisa.com ....after filling the assessment form with them...they say I can get PR. Its an immigration company headed by an immigration attorney Mr. David. Is it genuine or is it another scam.
  12. They are genuine. That is the lawyer who is responsible for this forum's existence.
  13. There is a big difference between being eligible for PR (which you probably are), and actually getting it. Eligibility is a minimum requirement (1 year skilled work, basic English skills, education etc.), but simply meeting the minimum requirement doesn't mean that you will get PR.

    The automated forms will tell you that you are eligible, and then you talk to a real lawyer/consultant who will tell you what your actual chance is. Yes, CanadaVisa.com is real, and if you have a conversation with a lawyer from their team, you should get a good sense of your real chances. The automated forms just tell you whether you're eligible or not.
  14. try for australia, victoria state sponsorship. they usually sponsor aged between 41-45.

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