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PR age for canada

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by Shaliniaggarwal, Sep 8, 2019.

  1. You also have to consider your career. Unless you have worked for one of the large international banks you will likely struggle to make a lateral move when coming to Canada. Would it make sense to immigrate if you struggled to get a job or had to start over. Much easier to move at the beginning of your career.
  2. Hello, I have the same question, I have 42 yo. i been in Canada on 2001 and 2003, come back to Mexico and always keep in mind to get back and live over there, at that time there wasn't so much info like this forum, today that's so handy; i'm doing some research, reading forums and doing tests online, The real question is, I have a real chance to move there?
    I study Touristic Business Administration, I will start my master in logistics the NOC is 1225 , i've been working as a Purchase / buyer for almost 15 years, Probably i come Alone, maybe with my kid, he's 2 yo, I'm planning to do IELTS, i Have TOEFL level B1+ but i want to improve that record, I think it's equivalent to CBL 5 or 6, I really like some guidance, could apply for PNP BC?, or Some other Province.
    mi score i think its about 369 for what I've been reading it's too low, but could apply on other way?
    what do you recommend?

    Thank you very much in advance!
  3. 369 is too low for Express Entry - you need to be in the range of 460 to have a chance.

    Yes - the provincial programs could be an option. Unfortunately there's really no short cut to extensive research (unless you're willing to spend money on a lawyer to help you). If you want to try to go this way, recommend that you also dedicate time to reading through discussions in the PNP section of the forum. Good luck.
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  4. thanks for the promt reply.

    i just entered on the CRS tool an this are my scores:

    Core/Human capital factors
    • Age = 28

    • Level of education = 135

    • Study in Canada = undefined

    • Official Languages = 130

      • First Official Language = 130

      • Second Official Language = 0
    • Canadian work experience = 0
    Subtotal - Core/Human capital factors = 293

    Spouse factors
    • Level of education = 0

    • First Official Languages = 0

    • Canadian work experience = 0
    Subtotal - Spouse factors = 0

    Skill transferability factors
    • A) Official Language proficiency and education = 50

    • B) Canadian work experience and education = 0
    Subtotal = 50

    Foreign work experience
    • A) Official Language proficiency and foreign work experience = 50

    • B) Canadian and foreign work experience = 0
    Subtotal = 50

    Certificate of qualification = 0

    Subtotal Skill transferability factors = 100

    Comprehensive Ranking System formula
    Subtotal Core/Human capital + Spouse factors + Skill transferability = 393

    Provincial nomination = 0

    Job offer = 50

    Study in Canada = 0

    Sibling in Canada = 0

    French-language skills = 0

    Subtotal Additional points = 50

    Grand total = 443
  5. Do you really have a job offer? These are extremely difficult to get. To qualify as a job offer and get the 50 points, your employer in Canada needs to obtain an approved LMIA (in addition to giving you the actual job offer). Has your employer done that? Most employers aren't willing to go through this process due to effort/cost/time and the fact that there's no guarantee of approval.
  6. my bad, no i don't have the job offer.

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