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PNP PR October, November, December 2017 connect here

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by lollipop29, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. if the agent clearly told you your security has been initiated, you need to be careful. Order a note, that's all I can suggest.
  2. do you mean if it is normal security check, it should stick with "not started" and then "completed"?? or it maybe security screening ? But my background is super simple... Cannot think a reason why they put me into screening.
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  3. ummmm, It's hard to say, the agent sometimes will not tell you the truth.You need to double check the note.
  4. you know what.Before, I received my note. I called ircc twice, the both agent told me my security checks is in process. After I received the note, I know my security is not started yet. so I call them again, finally told me truth, the agent said depend on your note your securirty not started yet...
  5. yep. Its been 17 months for me. This security stuff just changed last week, I cannot wait another 1 year for this... so frustrating. My background is just as simple as students and now my first job working in a very normal software company as software developer in Canada.
  6. but your note is 1 months old right ? did you call cic the 3rd time for security ?
  7. They said not started,I called them after received note,almost three weeks ago
  8. Ok, I guess there is some misinterpretation there

    Have you ever received Pre-arrival service letter ???

    I was told Eligibility is passed but I do not have a PAL...
  9. yep,I received pre-arrival letter June,2018. All passed except security
  10. Idk about my case...
    But one of my friend just got PPR said his PAL comes with DM/PPR all together...
  11. is your file in local now ??? or still sydney
  12. depend on officer, so hard to guess their behavior. And yes till sydney
  13. okok, i am on local. not sure if security is also done by local agency.
  14. sydney forever
    security is another department,like csis csba.
  15. yes, but we also have CSBA on local too just a few blocks away from the local visa office ... I do not know if my file will be their responsibility.

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