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PNP PR October, November, December 2017 connect here

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by lollipop29, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. Hello,

    I’ve observed from the trends that October AOR to December 2017 have not gotten FT or MR. Please is there anyone who has gotten any? Or is this part of the strategy for cic to actualize their 18 months processing time? I sent an email after 7 weeks of AOR requesting to know if my application has been sent to a local VO but was told it’s still at Sydney Nova Scotia. Pls anyone with an update on why our FT/MR is being delayed ?
  2. Same here cic received my application last oct 2017 and got my aor last december 2017.. no update so far... still waiting for rprf request..
  3. Let’s keep our fingers X and hope soon MR rain would start to shower
  4. I am Nov'17 applicant and AOR is 12jan, Till data waiting for file transfer email. I have come to know that processing till MR will be done at ottawa office. I also sent email to ottawa but ends up with no response.
  5. yes may be they are not going to transfer files anymore and all applicants going to be processed within Canada. The reason is we are the last lot of paper applicants. All the provinces have made mandatory for applicants to have express entry profile numbers since January 2018.
  6. Yes...this seem to be the rumor making the ground now. Let’s hope we would get an official statement soon from CIC soon
  7. Hi guys, any news from your application
    Mine was received Dec 18, 2017..
    AOR/uci Feb. 8..
    Still waiting for MR :D
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    File Received: December 22, 2017
    AOR: Feb 8, 2018
    Pre-Arrival Service Letter: May 29, 2018
    Still waiting for MR :)
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  9. To the two post above ; I am also Aor Feb 7 2018. Pre arrival services letter some time in may. Nothing else
  10. Let's stay communicated through this forum. It will be Beneficial for us to know what's going on until it's all over. We're stronger together!
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  11. I think they are only attending
  12. I think they are only attending to inland applicants
  13. Hi guys, i am inland applicants working in Manitoba,
    CiC got my documents last year in October, i was getting AOR in Nov, and i was informed to update the Police Certificate in April and complete it in May 1st. Getting the Pre-arrival letter in the second day of CIC informing email in April, Waiting for the Med Request now.....
  14. Yes inland applicants with AOR March 18 has reced MR, whereas Outland no MR since September 17
    Really don't understand their way of processing where EE applicants gets copr in 6 months and paper from same country gets in 19 months.
    In the absence of exact time frame it is really frustrating as many important decisions needs to be taken, which costs 3-5 hundreds thousands rupees and are non refundable such as children school fees which are paid for whole year in India, job commitment, lease renewal etc

    Anyway God is Great

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