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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by OAG, Aug 29, 2017.

  1. Guys I did my landing on 10 sep, I got Pr under pnp Ontario foreign worker stream. As I get my PR I can quit my job??
    Experts please advise?
    I don’t want to change the province but want to change my employer, can I do that right away or should wait for some time?
  2. Atleast wait until PR card. If your employer has any legally binding job contract with you then maybe you have to pay for the expenses written on the contract. Apart from that people leave jobs right after getting proper paperwork.
  3. Did you get PPR ?
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    When cic request documents and you submit everything before due date and after waiting for 2 months you call them and they say we have not received the documents and ask you to write a webform including the proof of delivery of documents and you do the same and then they reply we are pleased to inform you that we have received the document and has been forward to the responsible office.
    How long will the responsible office take to review? I got this reply yesterday from ircc.
    I will appreciate any answer
  5. How many days cic take to review the document after it is forward to responsible office
  6. I guess it's up to the case officer who has been working on your file. Has your processing time passed yet?
  7. Yes 23 month going on. November 2017
  8. I wouldn't have thought that what a long journey it is by the time we applied. December 2017 here. If they have everything from you, it's just question of time. Me still waiting..:(
  9. I am sick of waiting and frustrated. I hope they do it before next month. Literally im tired of this thing
  10. Did u add spouse?
  11. Yes. You?
  12. Yes same here
  13. Up and down every day and night, it's really hard for us. No one can not imagine. Just hold on, it will go through! It must :)
  14. I know. I hope we get through soon
  15. Hey Guys Any Info Would Be Nice. I Would Be Grateful!

    "I'm Posting For My Friend" (I Live In Canada So My Friends Back Home Ask Me, Which I Then Ask This Valuable Group)
    This Is His Current Status
    Date received: Jan 28, 2019
    AOR: April 3, 2019
    Invitation Pre-arrival: Sept 11, 2019
    He Called Them A Few Days Ago And They Said He's Passed Eligibility And Security.

    How Much Longer Do You Guys Think It Will Think For The Medical Request?

    Thanks For The Help :)

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