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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by OAG, Aug 29, 2017.

  1. I am not sure but expecting something soon. My Ghost Update was Dec 5th But nothing yet. I ordered the GCMS note which was due on 27th DEC but nothing yet.
    I did talk to IRCC ATIP office & according to the official reply they are behind for issuing GCMS Notes what kinda tells me that everything is running behind.

    Anybody who has recently got DM or PPR if let us know that would great.
  2. My timeline
    Received Sep 25
    AOR OCT 24
    MR July 3
    Waiting for .......
  3. Hello everyone, how do I speak with a CIC agent. Each time i follow the voice prompt, it never transfer me to an agent. Instead it says "we're unable to transfer your call, try again"
    Can anybody help on how to navigate to a live agent? Thanks
  4. It’s just a luck thing I guess. Same problem with me. All of a sudden one morning I tried thinking it’s gonna disconnect but it didn’t and the wait time was 25 mins. My friend phoned after I did and he got a 17 min wait time. Just luck I guess
  5. its weekend i guess... try on weekdays
  6. I guess so. Thanks
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  7. still waiting
  8. Hey did you got passport request already
  9. DM on 3 jan 2019 but no ppr or interview yet.
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    Aug 11th app
    Jan 11th dm
    Waiting for the next step
  11. Inland Applicant
    My timeline
    App Rec 2 Oct 2017
    AOR 15 Nov 2017
    Schedule A req 27 April 2018
    Pre Arrival 28 April 2018
    M.R 6 July
    M.P 17 July 2018
    Nothing so far.....
  12. Hey we have same timeline what do you think how long its going to take??
  13. any may 2017 applicant waiting for DM AND PPR ??/FILE transfered to Vancouver visa office after adding dependant?
  14. OINP-PNP-Inland Paper based

    File received : Oct 23, 2017
    AOR: Dec 21, 2017
    Medical Request: April 13, 2018
    Medical Passed: Sept 16, 2018
    Shedule A request: Sept 17 2018

    No Pre-arrival mail
    No ghost updates.
    Just waiting and nothing so far....

    Anyone who share same timeline with me pls?
  15. LOL... same here...
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