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Parents Sponsorship - Stop Immigration Lottery

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by 4parents, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. It is, i don't get why it is so hard to understand! for PGP program, Canada CANNOT say if you have $XXX, you can get your parents' PR right away, it is discrimination. They had (and not sure if they still have) business class for it. They can only have one program for all PGP applicants, and all of them will use healthcare and there is a cost issue for it. It is as simple as 1+1 = 2
  2. Yes they should not and cannot favor the rich!

    All will.use health care. But not all will cost the same to the govt for the same conditions because the poor will always use more.

    Also poverty is a known and proven risk factor for poor health and more morbidity.

    Just Google "poverty as a risk factor for (insert disease heart disease diabetes osteoporosis etc)"

    So if you take in poor people you pay more for their healthcare . Proven
  3. Of course cost is the issue, and not just health care. The whole reason that PGP was frozen for a few years and revamped was because of cost. Studies showed that after 10 years, the majority of sponsored parents/grandparents were either on welfare or relying solely on OAS/GIS an income. Having never paid into the system, Canadian taxpayers were footing the bill for them to live, on top of their healthcare costs. This is why LICO was increased and why the undertaking was increased to 20 years. Cost.
  4. I thought LICO wasn't something you can increase or decrease?

    If it is cost then why wouldn't you want to get parents who have money?
  5. Sponsors used to need to meet LICO. Now they are required to meet LICO + 30%.

    As already said by others, IRCC is not going to discriminate based on the income of family members being sponsored.
  6. I understand that they are not going to discriminate based on the income of members being sponsored. But the reason behind that is certainly NOT COST.

    Anyway it's a case of when I say cost and $$ say equality and fairness socialist ideals. When one says socialist ideals then you say cost and $$.

    Constant never ending internal conflict.
  7. I really don't get what you are trying to argue.

    The reason behind not discriminating based on a sponsored person's income is self-explanatory: to not discriminate against parents from different socioeconomic backgrounds. That has nothing to do with the limits/income requirements for parent sponsorship, which were imposed due to the cost to Canada's welfare/healthcare systems. You are the one marrying the two concepts by suggesting letting rich parents in, i.e. discriminating based on income of those being sponsored, to offset the issue of cost.
  8. You say it is not, and everyone says it is, so let's agree that you disagree with everyone.
  9. I did not say that.

    I am merely trying to show that the primary basis for allocating PR to PGP is based on equality and fairness to everyone regardless of race language religion or socioeconomic status.

    And to set the record straight I agree with this principle.

    Cost is not the driving factor. And we should stop talking about cost.

    Canada is a rich country. It can afford anything.
  10. Please stop talking, you sound dumber and dumber in each post you make.

    Canada is projecting deficits until at least 2040. The federal debt is also set to hit $1 trillion for the first time in 2035.

    Source: http://torontosun.com/news/national/canada-projecting-deficits-until-2040-finance-report-reveals/amp
  11. But the people voted for the Liberal government who promised deficits every year till re-election. Canadians are also more focused on the environment , indigenous rights, the image of Canada, feeling good and sunny ways than the economy. Which is why they voted for Justin Trudeau.

    What economic projects has the Federal Government pushed through (not approve and pay lip service to) that will help the economy

    Oh wait Canada's economy just grew at a fantastic rate!
  12. Now that's a personal attack isn't it? Is there a need to start using insults? All this while I have been civil and have not called anyone who disagrees with me names or labels.

    I have every right to continue writing.

    You have every right to think what I say is dumb.

    How about you show some evidence to back it up?

    It is a fact that poverty is a strong risk factor to many medical diseases. It is also well known that the amount each Province spends on the health care of its people is disproportionately skewed towards the lower socioeconomic groups. Hence if you really want to talk about cost of healthcare, it is proven that we spend more on the poorer groups in Canada. So if you add to that poor group, you definitely increase the healthcare spending overall much bigger than if you were to add to the higher socioeconomic group.

    As I said, the PGP is not based on cost. It is a humanitarian program to reunite families. Cost is a secondary consideration.

    Canada is a huge country with lots of natural resources. It can never go bankrupt. The people know this which is why they vote leaders who will table deficit budgets to spend on welfare and other feel good programs.

    Look at Quebec. Every year they run deficits and receive equalization payments. And they are the 2nd biggest province by population!

    I used to get upset with this. But now I have learned to accept it as the Canadian way. Don't worry about the money. Just enjoy your life and the beautiful nature we have.
  13. I have a chronic illness and can assure you that patients are refused health related items on a daily basis. Whether it be nursing/PSW hours, hospital beds at home, specialty braces, etc. I could go on and on. Without family support many treatments and medications would have been out of reach. One example is that I had to pay cash for a vial of botox to deal with spasms due to a neuromuscular disorder and then had to pay an injection fee although the rest of my appointment was covered by OHIP. That was over $600 every 3 months. When I had the injections done in the OR under ultrasound because it was in my neck I still paid for the medication but didn't have to pay for the injection fee. I am lucky that I could afford the treatment every 3 months in addition to other treatments that are not covered many could not. I just returned from a sleep study which confirmed that I am losing the function of my respiratory muscles and can no longer lay flat. OHIP is not going to pay for a hospital-type bed that I can raise up so I can sleep sitting up. I am thankful for our medical system but MANY things are not covered especially in an outpatient situation.
  14. Many of the high net worth immigrants have no problem accessing all the benefits but also use accountants and their home countries to pay as little taxes, etc as possible. Highly doubt anyone is going to turn down free health care or other benefits and offer to pay for the cost themselves.
  15. You are correct. Many things are not covered. And if you can pay for it, they let you pay for it.

    What I am saying though is say you were extremely poor and could not afford to pay for the Botox or the Triamcinolone for your neck injections, would the system say too bad you go suffer in pain?

    No. There are programs (at least in Alberta I am not sure about Ontario) where the really poor can get help. Eg through Alberta Works to help offset the cost of treatment.

    Canada is not a cruel country. But if someone can pay for the treatment they let them pay for it.

    Why certain things are covered and others are not (officially) I am not a health administrator. They certainly do cover the big items. But some things aren't. For Botox I suspect given the history of the drug in use for aesthetic reasons they have put it on the "not covered" list for obvious reasons. But Botox does have its medical uses in chronic pain, and involuntary spasms.

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