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Parents Sponsorship - Stop Immigration Lottery

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by 4parents, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. LICO is moot now to this discussion after canuck_in_uk shared that the requirement for PGP is LICO + 30%. Who determines + 30%? Or + 50%? or + 10%?
  2. You are implying that wealthy people are obese? You are wrong.

    Here in Canada, for example, obesity is increasingly coming to be seen as a disease of the poor.

    Go google Poverty and Obesity.

    Are you guys scraping the barrel now?
  3. Have you tried Google? Dig more and add points to your pointless posts here...
  4. Of course not everything is covered. I never said everything is covered. I am merely trying to state that there ARE programs which exist using tax dollars or donations to help the poor cover stuff that the basic healthcare program does not. And hence the poor utilize more in terms of help and funding.
  5. Wealthier populations have more income for more food and unhealthy food. Google the growing obesity problem in China. I give up.
  6. Pointless posts do not garner attention or replies.

    Clearly I have struck a nerve.
  7. Your posts are CRYSTAL clear :)
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    Parents are not exactly foreigners if they are soon to be permanent residents of Canada so as international students and other foreign workers. If people think they are hurting the economy, why don't they lower the number of people coming to Canada in the first place? Or if you like, the rent will go up.
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  9. Finally, some like minded people.

    Ask any economist whether immigration improves the economy or not?

    What about interprovincial net migration?

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