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Parents Sponsorship - Stop Immigration Lottery

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by 4parents, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. Makes sense. Thanks.
    So 4parents who started this conversation has not been seen since April 22, is this going anywhere?
  2. Apparently Hossein spoke at 2018 Canadian Immigration Forum that took place in Ottawa on May 30-31 and said that IRCC is working on changes to PGP sponsorship. Does anyone know anything? Immigration Call Center employees are also giving callers information that there could be changes in 2019.
  3. K2K, thank you for linking the article.
    I do monitor the forum periodically, but yes I pursue other ways of raising the concern and gaining allies as well.
  4. Isn't that a problem that should have been thought of before rolling this program out? IRCC can't even acknowledge that.
  5. The article makes absolutely no sense to me. Since all people are entering the lottery via IRCC website months earlier than the draw and have literally zero access to the excel program used or anything else to do with IRCC, how could it possibly be manipulated?? Only way is directly through an IRCC employee involved with the draw, which could theoretically happen with any program used. Whether they use Excel or not seems completely irrelevant to me.
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    To everyone:
    Most likely this is not the only forum where you check news about parents sponsorship. If you have a local forum / message board from your country, please leave a link here or send me a message. I'd like to align various groups efforts, as together we are stronger.

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