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Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship 2019


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Aug 11, 2018
I'm the mother, 59 and my husband is 61... IOM dont give any updates, Im wondering until when we have to wait.

We emailed them then they gave us contact info .. after that my parents texted them and IOM call them back but unfortunately they didn't allowing 60 up years old yet to the clinic


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Dec 3, 2014
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So the only thing the parents get is provincial health benefits.
and i guess when they file taxes, they will get return (if any).
Yes, you are correct my friend, many people are ok with that too. Super visa Insurances are too high for aged people. If they work (if they want to) they can claim GST or other tax credits/benefits (which can be explained by professional).


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May 12, 2014
hi @canuck78 and all forum readers.

Hope you folks are doing okay and staying safe in this pandemic.

I have applied in PGP program from Calgary,AB

I am in this unique situation where my SA got stuck "In Process" since Jan 2020. I have requested the GCMS notes in March and found out that they are waiting for SSC letter from Alberta.

I have contacted my local area MLA afterwards from there I got a call from SSC Personnel where they said that they have sent letter to IRCC which was on April 20,2020.

Fast Forward today, My SA is still stuck "In Process". I have requested GCMS notes again around end of May 2020 to see if they have received the letter but today got confirmation after looking at the notes that they are still waiting for it.

My question is , How can I send the letter personally from my end ? I don't want to contact Govt of Alberta any more as per them , its already sent.

What is the process of sending documentation on my SA file ?

Please advise.

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Jan 23, 2019
Hey guys, I would like to share a great news with everyone!!!

My parents have finally arrived in Canada. They got their COPR in Jan & finally managed to catch a flight!!!! It was very close.

Here are some tips. I hope this will be helpful to some of you.

Pick up at Pearson Airport
Only passengers with valid plane tickets are allowed to enter the building. You'll have to wait outside the pick up zone and passengers will need to come out. Make sure to inform your parents / grandparents in advance so they won't be waiting inside for you to come pick them up.

Health insurance
If your parent's home country has issued a travel warning to Canada which at this point I believe pretty much every country has done, health insurance will NOT be covered. We bought health insurance & had to get it refunded because they won't be covered in Canada.

Ontario currently provides free Covid related treatment to everyone including uninsured individuals. It may change at anytime. Make sure to do your own research.

"As of March 19, 2020 we are waiving the three-month waiting period for OHIP coverage. If you do not meet the criteria for OHIP coverage and are uninsured, the province will fund the cost of COVID-19 services."

Good luck everyone!
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Sep 5, 2015
@YULIA-2016 @robertp @laxsun please update my record. My parents received pre-arrival services letter today. Also, I checked ECAS. Status changed to Decision Made for PR Application Status part. Most likely it changed today as well, but I am not sure about that. I was checking once a week or so at this point.

That was super news for me on Canada day.

Thank you!
Hi dude, you are first June applicant reported good news. Look like they are making decision for Junes now.