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Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship 2019


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Jun 17, 2019
Hello all,

I want to share my heart breaking news here to everyone.

I got the invitation to apply for my parents(Mother and Father) Pr in last year May. I have applied on middle of June.

On Nov 5th, I have received a email from CIC Stating that "Your application does not meet the requirements for processing as the following item is missing or incomplete.

IMM5669(Principal Applicant and Dependent)

I have competed the application with hand signed signature (With Both Parents signature)- Which is the only missing thing from the initial package and I have sent email to CIC to the valid email address which they have mentioned in the missing documents email on Nov 20th.

I have recieved the complete package in mail on Feb 14th

Summary of the letter in the Mail
"Your application is incomplete and does not meet the requirements for processing"

"Regulation 12 of IRPA States: "If the requiremenrs of section 10 and 11 are not met, the application and all documents submitted in support of the application shall be returned to the applicant"

Consequently, Your application will not be processed or be put in queue for processing under the PGP Cap for 2019.

Note- I have checked the sent email for the pending documents again. Email sent to valid cic email address.

I am not sure why i received this now . My whole family is in deep shock and literally i got tears after seeing the returned mail package.I will call CIC tommorow morning and get more details

Seniors/ Peers ----> Please tell me what i have to do now, Which direction i have to go

Reaching out to MP or Lawyer will help me?

Seniors---> Please Help me out .Please Provide your thoughts

Hi Kalyani ,

Sorry to hear about your situation. If you believe that you have sent the correct documents to right email address , You can always contact email server technical support ( google / yahoo /msn - wahtever you used ) They can verify if the email was delivered with no issues . They might be able to send you the response in report format which you can provide to CIC and will help build up your case .