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Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship 2019

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Garry2008, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. @robertp Thank you!
    I got it now.

    count # of Family member = [ Sponsor + if Cosigner ] do not count kids + [PA + if Dep]

    this is where I was entering wrong number.
    I counted my kids...
    what the heck though, why don't they tell us not to count kids?
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  2. @robertp @YULIA-2016 please update

    Line # 329
    ID: Jeevancm07
    Biometrics done on October 18, 2019 (PA) November 13, 2019 (Spouse)
    Medical Passed: October 25, 2019
    PCC/Resume/Travel Details sent on: November 20, 2019.
    DM for PA: Still waiting
    Background Check: In Process
    Final Decision: In Progress
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  3. Thanks a lot Robertp!
  4. Hello there, how did you send them an inquiry to confirm re
  5. Hello
    My parents file was received on 6th june and i got file number on 30th September, but after that I haven’t receive any correspondence from cic . Is that the normal processing time?
    Thanks in advance.
  6. Letter on plain paper addressing Indian embassy.
    No her passport was good enough .
    With copy of her visa .and in her application online I had mentioned aadhar card number as well which was online.
  7. Any idea when the medical details are sent to the CIC a week or 10 days ?
    For the SA letter - all the docs are to be sent within 30 days ? Or there is some other time frame for it.
    I read the letter couldn't find details
    That how soon we need to send the docs as I'm awaiting PCC from the consulate and medical which will be sent directly to CIC
  8. Hello,
    Which courier service would you recommend to send passport within Canada for PR stamping ?
    Among FedEx, Purolator and UPS, which offers Self addressed return label to USA address ?
  9. Xpresspost.

    Why you are sending to US?
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  10. Medicals - depends on the Doctor's office. Some upload next day or after 10 days
    About 30 days - Based on what I read here, 30 days is applicable to all the documents, although we can request for extra time in the email.
    I am also in the same boat. Waiting for PCC. It should come in next 5 days, otherwise, i will mention that its under process while sending rest of the docs.
  11. @robertp @YULIA-2016 please update
    Received pre-arrival services letter on Dec 12

    Thank you
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  12. Hello

    Got IME request today. Application received 22 May 2019, PCC request October 03,2019
    Need advice which Dr. Is best and faster to send results electronically in Chandigarh or Mohali
    I will really appreciate your advises
  13. Dr. Kansal in Mohali. Our results reached within a week.
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  14. @robertp
    First medical exam on 3rd Dec, furtherance letter on 10th Dec, further medical tests done on 12th Dec.
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