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Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship 2019

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Garry2008, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. @YULIA-2016 Hi Yulia, new update for my 2019 case line 6. That today July 15, got medical request for my mom. Also I noticed in the doc, the LVO is missing. It is CPC-Mississauga as I got the SA letter from there last week.
    Thank you as always!
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  2. I am May 1st, Nothing processed so far. Not requested any additional document as well.
  3. Good Going...
  4. My parent is in Canada only, but so far no further progress. Its stuck at 'Application Received' stage. Checked with IRCC, they said file is under process at CPC - Mississauga.
  5. FIFO

    I think CIC working for Week #17 and Week # 18 application for now. (from April 26 to 4th May)

    next turn Week # 19 (May 5th to May 11th)
  6. Yup, Looks like things are rapidly moving towards DM for MOST people till May 3rd. Hope it proceeds further this week or next :)
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  7. Can we group line numbers in tracker by weeks?
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  8. Its in order by Appl received date. ;)
  9. @YULIA-2016

    Please update info in tracker. Thank you !

    • Sponsored People: 2
    • Parents Country of Citizenship: India
    • Province: AB
    • Invitations Receive Date: April 25 2019
    • Application received in Ottawa Date: May 15 2019
    • AoR Received (DATE) : July 11
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  10. @robertp Hey Robert I saw in the tracker there is another person with the same info named vg.yeg. I think its the same person as vb.yeg just typo in name ;) lines 164 and 409
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  11. No one from 6th May onwards have an "In Process" status yet?
  12. That is correct. "vb.yeg" is the right username. Please delete the other one to avoid confusion. Thank you !
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  13. @robertp

    Third update in less than 24 hours!

    Just received Medical requests for my parents!

  14. On a Roll!!!!
  15. Are you receiving the updates on ECAS or the MyCIC or Both?

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