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Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship 2018

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Amigo30, Aug 24, 2017.

  1. Just as FYI - My parent's COPR and Visa were issued a week ago (Nov. 26th) and they are valid for entry until April 14, 2020. Almost 5-month validation. I don't think you get one year...they are usually valid until the month that you were requested to submit your Medicals. Because apparently medicals are valid for one year.
  2. Thank you, that's very helpful. So it's not one year after the date of the medical test but it's one year after the deadline for the medical test (which would be later than I thought, especially since they requested a re-medical).
  3. It is valid to the month of the “first” medical exam - not the follow up exams.
  4. are you kidding? I didn't do that, their assets - their assets, Canada shouldn't care about it :)
  5. they can landing till Aug 2020 or while passport with visa is valid ;)
  6. It only matters if they are doing soft landing and want to bring stuff from back home without incurring customs
  7. Hello,
    Processing super visa for my parents. Medical results came up as a bit higher than normal +10/+10 systole and diastole respectively. Can this in any way affect the final decision or they will be asked to go in for further tests. Thanks.
  8. That is nothing. IMHO, +10/+10 systole and diastole is not an issue at all, peoples BP varies.

    In a rare situation, the doctor might want to see whether they are being treated for this or taking medication if BP is above normal. Consult a Doctor, take medication if necessary. Otherwise keep the paper of consultation and Bob's your uncle!
  9. blood pressure is not a problem, only cancer, kidney or lungs issues
  10. How long does it typically take for the status to change from medical received to medical passed? Does anyone know?
  11. You are right. But this is "Your understanding". Means this is how you think.

    First of all your understanding may not be correct. May be you don't know the complete process of VISA cancellation of CIC. Secondly they may have tried to inform visa holder. The email address given at that time may not be working anymore. May be email got in spam/junk folder or CIC may not have email address at all on file. or CIC may have tried calling phone number on file and that may not be correct. May be your consultant was informed but your consultant never told you.

    So what i am trying to say is, there are lots of dynamics here. There could be anything. Who knows, Air line did a mistake and they cancelled the VISA for the wrong person. It is all my assumptions. I am not Immigration/VISA consultant. I may be wrong.

    Need to find out, why the VISA has been cancelled. Only CIC or Airline can tell. I believe it may be your right to know that from Airline as well as CIC.

    So if would be you, I would contact Airline, both by phone and email asking the reason for Cancellation? also contacting CIC

    Again, I am not expert in this matter. Just trying to help you out. I would say also search google, for "Visitor Visa to Canada Cancelled" or "Visa Cancelled by Airline" OR "Visa Cancelled by Airline Candavisa forums". You may found the correct forums here where someone know more about it and help you.

    This forum is for Parents Grant Parents sponsorship. May be there is a forum for Visa Cancellation on this web site.

    Hope this would help

  12. My parents application was approved today in CIC Ottawa, return tracking for fedex hasnt been activated.

    The status says 'your action is required', and check messages for details but I havent received any messages.

    In the document upload section, it shows passport upload required. Im not sure if this was there when I received PPR. Does anyone know what the next action usually is or if they ask to upload passport scans?

  13. They don't ask you to upload copies of passports unless they need the updated ones. What they want is your parents passports in mail. So, I'm not exactly sure what you meant by "return Fedex hasn't been activated". Have you sent them your parents passports already?

    Normally, CIC will send a "passport request letter" and you can find it on your online account (MyCiC). That document will tell you where and what to documents to send. Check your MyCiC/GCKey account and see if there is another PDF in there. If you see "decision made" status today, it could take a day or more to see the passport request letter.
  14. May 2018 Applicant still waiting

    Last updated on file May 27,2019

    Manila Visa Office
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  15. Mvo so slow! !

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