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Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship 2018

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Amigo30, Aug 24, 2017.

  1. Hi I make this thread because I am planning to sponsor my mother on 2018. Hopefully everyone can help each other until the process succeed.
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  2. Do you have 3 years of Canadian income meeting the minimum amount for your family size?
  3. Yes i do, up to now i have a full time job as Health Care Aide.
  4. According to your other posts you just became a PR last year. So you were working on work permit in Canada since 2014?
  5. Yes I am i just received my PR last year but I got my open work permit last 2015 and i work as HCA already that time plus the annual taxation this year i think that would be enough. What do you think.?
  6. I would expect that for 2018, they will require incomes from 2014/2015/2016 to qualify since 2017 tax returns may not be ready yet depending on app submission timing after lottery. You will need to wait until later this year (probably December) before you know if you'll qualify to enter the lottery.

    Does your 2015 income meet the minimum income amount? This would depend if you were working for a full year or partial year.
  7. 2015- $34,490
    2016- $56,788
    2017-January to August $33,000 (tentative) i don't know which amount they require.
  8. My 2014 is a bit lower because i worked as contract worker that year.
  9. Can i sponsor my mother even if my partner and i separated already just last April? And can i include my half brother as her child dependant. I don't what leave my half brother alone in the Philippines.
  10. Your income needs to meet the minimum income level to sponsor three people.

    This is $47,476 for 2015, $48,404 for 2016 and you can expect around $49K or $50K for 2017. So you don't meet the minimum income in 2015. And you need to make another $16K minimum this year. It's possible you may not qualify to sponsor your mother in 2018 if they require you to meet the income in 2015. You'll need to wait and see.
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    If you legally separated from your spouse, that means he is not counted in your family size and of course you can't count his income. So you have to qualify on your own.

    When sponsoring a parent, you must include their spouse/common-law partner and any dependent children in the application.

    In your case if it's you + mother + her spouse + her dependent child = family size of 4. This requires income of
    2016 $58,768
    2015 $57,642
    2014 $57,125
    For 2017 it will probably be over $59,000.

    If your family size is indeed 4, then you won't qualify for some time to sponsor a parent since your 2015 income definitely does not qualify.

    You don't seem to be on track to meet 2017 income either, so it may be until around 2021 or 2022 before you may qualify, assuming you make necessary income from 2018, 2019 and 2020.
  12. Hi All,

    I would like to know If I could sponsor my parents in 2018. The only concern I have is my 3 year stay in Canada.

    I became a PR on July 8th 2015 and I started working on July 13th 2015 with a annual salary $ 85000 (So 2015 earning was around $ 42000). I'm single and no dependant partner.

    I still have this job and would like to know if I could apply for my mum and dad in 2018. I will have 3 T4's by end of February 2018 and I would complete 3 years only by July 2018.

    Reason i'm getting my parents : We are three siblings all in 3 different countries ( US, UK and Canada)My parents are getting old, and believe me, when I get a call from home, say at 11am Canada time which is midnight in India, I get a mini heart attack, its that anxiety. I think its a price you pay for immigrating but I like o have my parents here.

    Please suggest!
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  13. Unfortunately you won't qualify to apply in 2018. Your 2015 income is around $5K too low (what matters is the income you actually earned in Canada - not your salary). You'll need to wait at least another year.
  14. Hi my parents application which I filed in 2014 gortreturned as I did not have sufficient income in one of the three preceding years. While applying in 2014 , I checked the box where if my application was found incomplete I will with draw my application. Right now I have fulfilled my income requirements.

    Can I revive my application from 2014 or should I start the process all over again?? PL suggest
  15. You will be starting the application process from scratch. You cannot retrieve the 2014 application. The first step will be to enter the 2018 lottery and hope you are selected.

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