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Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship 2018

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Amigo30, Aug 24, 2017.

  1. MOST canadians here DO NOT have live-in nannies. MOST families here have both parents working and they have to arrange their work around dropping off and picking up their kids to and from daycares. THIS IS NORMAL Canadian life. Very few are lucky enough to get some help from parents or relatives but it's not very common. And even when they can, they won't do that to burdan their parents for FULL TIME childcare. Your wish of getting your parents over to replace daycare isn't really a valid ground for H&C.
  2. I really hope they pre-qualify candidates in the lottery this time.
  3. They may intentionally make it like that to lower the intake of PGP
  4. Not to sound like an a $$ but if you think bringing up kids is a hardship, half of Canada is in the same boat. Its called parenting and something you have to consider before having a child. but i shouldn't be the one telling you all this.

    Perhaps look at Super Visa for your parents for the time being. They can stay for upto 2 years at a time and help you out.

    If you have both sets of parents available to help out, It could actually work out for you for the next 4 years (even longer if you alternate their visits)

    It just might be better for you to withdraw your application for 2017 voluntarily and re apply for 2018. with CIC, it is usually very black and white. If you are short even by a few hundred, rules are rules and i doubt if application processing officers are at the discretion to make decisions on the fly; only appeal court judges most likely can make those kinds of decisions.

    So, as others have mentioned, you could wait till your previous application is denied, then appeal, and wait for appeal court decision which will most likely take longer than just withdrawing your current application, and then re-apply in 2018 where you meet all the requirements.
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  5. This shall be dealt politically. Newspaper/Media is going to be helpful. Media helped to bring lottery system in place last year but CIC did not do good job of forming a good system. Pls reachout to a number of papers especially in Ottawa.
  6. Hi Everyone,
    I saw today IRCC announces PGP for 2018. I want to sponsor my parents and my husband's parents. Should we fill the separate form, one for y parents and one for my husband's parents?
  7. You sponsor your parents, he sponsors his....separate forms. Make sure you meet the requirements to sponsor before you apply, in particular the LICO requirements or face the wrath of the other forum members.
  8. Thanks for replying @Buletruck but we meet the LICO together not separately. Can you give more inputs ?
  9. So you can co-sponsor your husband and vise-versa. If you both intend to sponsor (and expect to be picked for both parents) you would need to meet LICO for your family size.....you, your husband, any children, your parents and his parents (family size of 6 plus any children) So your LICO requirement would be for 6 people, plus 30% for the 3 previous tax years (2014, 2015, 2016) before you qualify.
  10. 2018 parents sponsorship info is up. January 2 the online application of interest form will be made available.
  11. Hello,
    So 3 years of Canadian Income is must?I couldn't find it anywhere on cic.I have been here in Canada for only an year and half so I cant apply that means despite of having the minimum income ?Please help
  12. Same here i ll get 3rd T4 in Feb 2018.
  13. Yes, 3 years noa is a must. Please don't apply if you do not meet the eligibility because people will be upset and you will be wasting your time.
  14. LOL,
    should I buy those lucky Chinese cats this time?
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